One thought on “The Name of the Game On This Night? Transportation.

  1. Good effort! But they should add to the role-play: someone in a wheelchair, someone with a baby and stroller, and someone with access only to cash (noting that folks who don’t have cash or a VIA pass won’t be able to board VIA buses currently – sorry, no credit/debit card on board or smartphone ticketing option or fare-free downtown VIA service this year).

    Will Uber or the party/social bike be able to accommodate them? Will they encounter a sidewalk or building entrance with an ADA obstacle or lacking an ADA ramp (my guess, not on Alamo Street but maybe at Blue Star)? If they can’t break a larger bill, will they be willing to board a VIA bus – which will not provide change and with no off-board ticket vending machines or agents in that part of downtown?

    I’m with the spirit of this and other efforts in San Antonio to role-play some of San Antonio’s transportation options and challenges. However, the conversation and some of our public spending and decision-making (read: the 2017-2022 bond program) could possibly be improved with greater attention to what the options (built form as well as services) are like currently for those with ADA accessibility needs, who have kids, and/or are traveling only with cash-in-hand.

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