8 thoughts on “Neighbors Weigh In on $7M ‘Complete Street’ for North St. Mary’s Strip

  1. This seems to be the ideal place for an evening Via Shuttle. Could Via operate a shuttle every 10-15 minutes between 9:00 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. from the parking lot at the train station in Brackenridge Park to Josephine Street and back. There’s plenty of room for people to park at that lot. They could buy the Via day pass ($2.75) which is cheap, or Via could charge a special price of maybe 50 cents per ride for the shuttle. Party goers could hop on and off the shuttles to go from place to place before returning to their cars. The street could be built more wisely, would likely have less car traffic, and the entertainment Strip could continue to survive and grow.

  2. I echo Dansktex, why has this not been done in Southtown and other highly congested scant parking areas ? In Southtown numerous public parking lots exist that could be used at night for shuttle services. On St. Mary’s, Alamo Stadium SAC and perhaps other lots exist for this purpose. Then we can realistically start talking about designated bike lanes and actually get something meaningful done .

  3. Add parking. There are several empty lots. Build a multi-story garage, charge to park, using fees to cover security and pay back the construction expense.

  4. Electric or CNG powered jitney-type vans running frequently every 10-15 minutes as Dansktex suggests would be perfect for implementing a shuttle system. They would be more efficient & more maneuverable in narrow streets than the huge VIA buses which always seem to be mostly empty. Predictable, short wait times will be key to getting people to use the shuttles & leave their cars parked elsewhere.

  5. This portion of St. Mary’s needs to be closed to all vehicular traffic on Friday and Saturday nights between dark and 3 AM. This is a serious safety issue for patrons.

  6. RR – who is designing the street? I’m curious if it is led by an engineering (logistics-first) firm or an architectural/landscaping firm (design-first). thanks!

  7. Why not some substantial speed bumps to slow traffic? There are many intersections on North St. Mary’s that are dangerous because people are driving too fast.

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