5 thoughts on “New Cite-and-Release Program to Begin Monday in San Antonio, Bexar County

  1. This is a decent half measure, but why doesn’t the DA just say we’re not going to prosecute possession of marijuana cases under four ounces period. The citation process implies that it’s still wrong to possess and use marijuana even in small quantities. That is wrong morally, practically, and in terms of public health, particularly considering the racist origins of the criminalization of marijuana. Continuing the criminalization of marijuana, even under the auspices of a cite and release program, is still racist. The DA should say that marijuana possession use and possession in small quantities will never be prosecuted. I’ve seen a lot of lawyers and judges, including prosecutors, drinking large quantities of alcohol, but somehow marijuana has a stigma that alcohol does not. It is rank hypocrisy.

  2. I wonder if Ms Wong or her editor asked the DA’s Office if they put any thought into how the records of these offenses (possession of less than 4 ounces of marijuana, criminal mischief, theft, theft of service — such as leaving a restaurant) would be kept and how many repetitions would result in arrests and criminal prosecutions.

    Hopefully, this only applies to adults and juveniles are arrested, taken to the juvenile detention center and can only be released to their parents or legal guardians.

    In the case of marijuana use, most valid studies show continued use results in higher dosages and eventual moving to stronger illegal drug use with the additional crimes of robbery and burglary to support their habits. This needs to be removed from the program and requires 100% medical treatment.

    With 50 to 60% of those in the trust cases not showing up for a pretrial diversion program, it would be wise that they be required for 100% of these citations. No matter what percentage do not appear within the 30 -60 days, they should be arrested. That, also applies to those with no IDs who provide false names, addresses or telephone numbers or provide fraudulent IDs.

    Only a secure record system and stringent enforcement will make this a worthwhile program.

  3. Quite concerned about law breakers, but very little concern for victims. 60 days no excuses. Repeat offenders not included, and the harsher end of the penalty scale.

  4. Where is the consideration for the victims of theft in these new policies.? Someone can steal up to $500 money, property, merchandise, etc., and the police have the option of just giving them a written citation. The person committing the theft can just ignore the citation and disappear? Petty thieves are going to love this. Unbelievable!

    We need to give more consideration to the victims of crime. Require restitution whenever possible in the case of theft, or personal & property crimes. The emphasis should be to benefit & protect the victim, not on making it easy on the person committing the crime. “Lesser” crimes going unpunished, will lead to bigger crimes.

  5. This is a wonderful move! The idea that marijuana is a “gateway drug” and leads to opioid is simply untrue. If one looks at studies in the states that have legalized the use of marijuana, opioid use has dropped dramatically. As well, tax revenue in those states has increased by over 340 million dollars. As well, those states prison populations have significantly dropped also saving those states millions of dollars.

    Bravo, San Antonio! Texas has some of the incarceration rates in the US. This legislation could reduce incarceration in Texas.

    In 2017, it cost Americans 182 billion dollars to house prisoners, and, in Texas, the first state to use private prisons, statistics show that more deaths and abuse occur in these prisons. Also, when these prisons’ populations decrease, the state is fined millions of dollars. In other words, the use of private prisons works to benefit the prisons. Finally, prisons are supposed to rehabilitate and not to abuse or make private prison companies wealthier.

    I am proud to be a native San Antonio. It’s great to see SA making Texas great again!

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