2 thoughts on “New Council Plans River Walk Inaugural

  1. Let’s hope each new city council member are independent and progressive. I have felt the city managers trys to create a clan mentality among the mayor and the city council to reach her goals which sometimes are not in the best interest of the different districts. First on the agenda should be negotiating resources for each individual districts. This is so important before the council gets bogged down with special interest, developers, and lobbyist.

    Furthermore each council member should evaluate and research everything that they are told by City staff. They need to understand that City staff themselves are being pushed by special interest, developers, and lobbyist.

  2. Let us not forget that we pay city staff to study how programs will affect our city in the future. How well our city is managed by both the city manager and staff working with the city council is certified by the lowest possible interest rates on bonds for city improvement passed by the public. We pay our council members more than in the past, but they still should rely on our city manager’s best efforts when deciding on changes that will affect our city…. both today and tomorrow.

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