3 thoughts on “City Council Backs SAWS, Boosts Water Impact Fees

  1. Suburbia will just be built further outside of SAWS’ reach. This will only increase the city’s need on car dependency + some developments will just be taken to other regions entirely where there aren’t impact fees hurting our overall economic growth and potential tax revenue. This was tried in Phoenix already and that’s exactly what happened – only intensified the sprawl.

  2. A no-brainer. You want appliances? You want carpet? You want water????

    Other people shouldn’t be shouldering the cost of you moving in. Besides, that house looks pretty extravagant, I suspect you can afford the water hookup.

  3. I myself lived way out there, But my job was inner city. An hour to and from work just takes a toll on one’s body and soul.So it’s inner city for me less then 13 min. to and from best thing I could of done.Now the problem is finding new housing in the inner city and loft’s ha! not for me and my family I love a yard I can take care of, my house is in a old area but it has to do for now.

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