18 thoughts on “Nirenberg Announces New Mass Transit Nonprofit, Jobs Council

  1. If we are to have this then those appointed to run these “non profits”, etc…. should be there because of their abilities not political cronies.

    We all know the real cost will be 5 times the amount stated otherwise people wouldn’t vote for it. But understating the real cost is a way to bait and switch later.

  2. It’s definitely not too early. You want things like this in before you build up large parts of the city to capacity. San Antonio can do this. Especially if Dallas County put in its rail system after the area was more densely developed than SA is now.

    • I wonder if all these people that suggest all these mass transit systems have an answer of where these are to go that don’t include using up lanes that are already paid for by the tax payers on already congested streets or pushing people off their land.

  3. Exciting!!! This really needs to be about more than just VIA. As our sole metropolitan transit provider, VIA plays a critical role as the core transit layer of the overall network.

    ConnectSA needs to include additional discussion of how we can improve our roadways, think of land use from a perspective of how it relates to general travel demands on our entire network, and consider key travel markets beyond the urbanized San Antonio area.

    Our region’s aging population is growing faster than ever before and they demand liberty and independence to access everyday needs and exercise their right to safely continue participating in the community and local economy. Walking, biking and personal mobility need to have more deliberate consideration when making improvements to our public rights-of-way, and many of our congested roadways can be optimized when isolated choke-points are considered at a broader transportation system-level rather than one street, project or data set at a time. Widening streets or “building our way out” may not be the ideal or necessary solution for many segments of our road network, but something that improves overall safety and effectiveness needs to be done to enhance the transportation experience of all our neighbors.

    There are emerging and proven technologies that present lots of opportunity to make more sophisticated, and perhaps more elegant use of the limited space we have to move everyone equitably across our community. Automation has a place among a diverse set of possible approaches to moving people in individual or shared vehicles, or even for distributing freight. Intercity, rural and high-speed options also provide a bigger picture framework within which we need to be considering congestion solutions and public transportation in San Antonio, and I sincerely hope that this is the intent behind moving the critical initiative that will be ConnectSA, forward. San Antonio indeed, has an opportunity to lead where others have tried to follow transportation innovations before, at the State and National level.

    There is much overlap between the transportation dialogue and the broader housing, economic and workforce development, health and education discussions happening in our community today. Approaching community transportation by peering through a far more complex lens, and in a much broader context will be necessary to ensure the entire community gets a say in how we establish the foundation for the next generation of our regional transportation system.


  4. BaRT! 3/4 cent to VIA! Yes, as Andres Velis points out, HOV for the personal vehicles! And I’m glad to read here, ConnectSA and dedicated transportation bonds!

    And with auto-driven BaRT, and “VIA Trans 2.0” to service on-demand and option ridership like a taxi service, can we say “legacy light rail”, and focus instead on heavy-rail for a new LoneStar Texas Triangle!?

  5. I totally agree that more than one voice is needed to speak for the future of San Antonio’s transportation, but not sure ConnectSA is the answer.

    Is this non-profit created like SA300 or Centro with one foot in the door of the City or is it independent? The mayor mentioned the board but there still needs to be staff so who will that be and where will the funds come from to pay them?

  6. The current San Antonio 200 miles of nature trails (and growing) has excellent potential as a walk, bike, and electric train transportation system.

    The Linear Creek Way Advisory Committee and the San Antonio River Authority have done an excellent job in making the 200 miles of nature trails a “connected trail system”. This trail system can connect to VIA Bus stops, to sidewalks, to water and restrooms at parks, to stores, and to many destinations. See City maps and NatureTrailMaps.net for ways to Connect SA.

    NatureTrailMaps.net uses exciting new mobile phone technology to facilitate walking and biking to VIA Bus stops and to final destinations, along the 200 miles of nature trails. Map 67 shows bus routes from up town (Pearl district) and down town, all the way south to Mission Espada. This new website is a work in progress. NaureTrailMaps.net welcomes your ideas to help make the 200 miles of nature trails in San Antonio a national treasure.

    • Now this is a suggestion that I can get behind. No eminent domain, and no pushing people off their land. Use the greenways!

  7. 50 years ago, Water Buses carried people to their destinations in HemisFair. The city missed the boat by not considering mass transit on the San Pedro Creek in the recent development project. Such a route would connect education centers, hospitals, City & Frost Bank offices, shopping, and tourist destinations.

    • Missed the mark? Not sure how a shallow creek could support the infrastructure needed for a mass transit system to functionally and reliably support thousands of people in their daily commute. Plus it already will connect all those things you mentioned, as a pedestrian corridor, by improving walkability. Mass transit that’s not hokey and tourist-centered needs its own right-of-way and extensive funding, not haphazardly slapped on a linear park project.

  8. This is exciting news! ConnectSA will be an excellent vehicle (no pun intended), to move our great city forward. The longer we put this off, the more expensive it will be. I applaud the Mayor and County Judge for taking a pro-active stance and getting the ball rolling. Let me know I can assist in this much needed transit solution.


    • While I definitely think we need more funding for better mass transit, the comment above also demonstrates San Antonio’s continued desperate need for more education funding.

      • I think you have missed the point made by the gentleman above (Martinez). He cuts to the chase. The real educated (in terms of actual experience with the city government and economic sector in SA) would not fall for all of the “charm” words (your know.. trendy/brands/catchy) as you, apparently, have.

        He is saying that if the bus doesn’t even come on time… how are your going to do all of this without making a mess of things at the expense of the time, coffers, perhaps homes (ED) of our citizens (the real ones..the working class).

  10. I’ve lived in a city and had my taxes pay for a failed rail system. How is all this green work going to get funded. Someone mentioned using the greenways, and I’m all for that. I’m not for taking up any existing lanes on already congested poorly-designed and poorly-kept roads. I will never use mass transit because they don’t allow pets that are too large to be in a bag, and they don’t allow conceal carry. I support the concept and science of automation, but don’t support them on our roads where there are pedestrians and other drivers. I don’t want some automated system deciding through logarithms whose life it will protect. Are you prepared to put your child’s life in that game of chance (without suing if you lose)? I want to know where all the revenues go that were intended for the upkeep of our roads? I want to know how you intend to pay for the structures? Bikes want their own lanes but don’t contribute anything towards road upkeep, etc, and neither does VIA. How about we stop all the pet projects around this city and fund this instead of all that other politicized stuff.

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