Nirenberg Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign at Alamo Stadium

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Mayor Ron Nirenberg speaks at his re-election campaign announcement.

Bonnie Arbittier / Rivard Report

Mayor Ron Nirenberg says he wants to continue making San Antonio "the city you deserve."

Mayor Ron Nirenberg looked over a crowd of more than 100 people, bundled up against the January wind in front of Alamo Stadium. Two years ago, he said, he asked them to vote for him in his first mayoral campaign.

But at his re-election kickoff Saturday morning, he said, “I’m Ron Nirenberg, and I’m proud to be your mayor.

“Join me. Let’s continue building the city you deserve. Viva San Antonio!”

Nirenberg brought people who have worked and continue to work with him on different issues to urge supporters to get out the vote. Jordana Barton, a senior advisor for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ San Antonio branch, serves on the steering community for the Digital Inclusion Alliance, which is dedicated to closing the so-called digital divide in San Antonio. One in four San Antonio households lacks access to the internet, Barton said. 

“What does that mean for income and wealth equality, for opportunity to enter the workforce, and for upward mobility?” she asked. “What does that mean for the education of our children? Those are the issues we are tackling today under the leadership of Mayor Nirenberg.”

Wayne Alexander, vice chair of the Southwest Research Institute’s board of directors, said companies and employees are leaving places with high taxes and strict regulations, but San Antonio has continued to add jobs and grow its economy,

“Affordable housing, transportation solutions, ensuring we have a business-friendly government and climate, building a pipeline of workers,” Alexander said. “That’s why San Antonio is booming. That’s why San Antonio is successful. And folks, that’s why we need to keep Ron Nirenberg as mayor.”

Erika Prosper Nirenberg commended her husband for putting the city first. She said that any obstacles he faced — hurricanes, Tricentennial Commission woes, city charter amendments — have only made him more understanding, judicious, and patient.

“It takes adversity to create stronger champions, and that’s what I see in my husband: a champion for San Antonio,” she said.

The mayor listed the City’s accomplishments during his tenure: an affordable housing plan, lower violent crime rate, thousands of jobs created, a plan to provide tuition for Bexar County high school students to Alamo Colleges. He called on the audience to talk to friends and family and encourage them to vote for him in the municipal election.

“Tell them you believe in San Antonio. Tell them San Antonio is on the right track,” he said. “Tell them with their vote and their voice, we’ll continue working every single day to make San Antonio the city you deserve.”

Filing for the May 4 election started on Wednesday, and the deadline to file is Feb. 15. Early voting starts April 22 and ends April 30.

One thought on “Nirenberg Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign at Alamo Stadium

  1. I agree with the effort to allow Local high school graduates to receive no-cost tuition. However, I do not agree to giving them something for nothing. Nowhere do I see anything at all requiring potential beneficiaries to do anything to in-turn help their City. I want those receiving free tuition to be required to do 15 hours of community service for 15 hours of free tuition! Young people can do a world of good helping pick up trash along Salado Creek Parkway, removing graffity on buildings, helping local charities and so on. Only those who are working at real part time jobs to earn cash should be exempt. Free tuition should not be something-for-nothing welfare.

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