5 thoughts on “Nirenberg, New Council Members Take The Oath of Office

  1. You know that other people joined council today besides Ron, right? These pictures would suggest that ONLY Ron is on the council. Also, you know that Ron’s vote counts only as much as the other members of the council, right?

    • James:

      It’s very clear at the top of the story that new individuals joined the council and also took the oath.

      “The occasion marked the arrival of a new mayor to office along with a very different-looking City Council. Five new Council members also were sworn in Wednesday, including William “Cruz” Shaw (D2), Greg Brockhouse (D6), Manny Peláez (D8), John Courage (D9), and Clayton Perry (D10). They joined a sixth newcomer, Councilwoman Ana Sandoval (D7), who was sworn in last month after ousting incumbent Cris Medina in the May 6 election.”

      In the body of the story we also have a photo of them taking the oath, not to mention that I quote each new council member in this story.


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