3 thoughts on “Officials Respond to ‘Chaotic’ Release of Migrant Women and Children

  1. Very pleased to see continued coverage of this ongoing situation. Hopefully the chaos will be a bit more controlled, but the need will continue.

  2. We also need the community to know that the city council has yet to take responsibility for what took place! With respect to Raices who is a fighter on this issue the Local Democratic Party under the Leader of Manuel Medina asked Mayor Taylor and the rest of the council (Ron) to pass a policy to address this very issue under a Sanctuary City Ordinance six months prior to this event and the the council refused! Our City still has no policy in writing to insure we deal with release of our refugees in a humane way and this is a verguensa!

  3. If Ron Nirenberg and Mayor Ivy R.Taylor care about refugees and foreigners why has he done everything they can to but us out of business? The SA taxi industry have 23 small mom and pop services and Yellow Cab.

    Most are minority owned and operated as companies but most as coops where one driver operated his own vehicle. Most are hard working immigrants that have served this city for decades. They have invested is nice vehicles to service SA.

    Ron Nirenberg and Mayor Ivy R.Taylor taught nothing in allowing Uber and Lyft start operating with next to no rules.

    This has put our industry and companies in Jeopardy, many are bearly hanging on.

    We are speaking about over 1000 driver and their families that Ron Nirenberg, Roberto Trevino, Mayor Ivy Taylor and other careless about with there actions.

    It all about corporate demands and these representatives accommodating them.

    This is why we need new leaders that will do what is right. I have been in the taxi business 37 years. I personally worked with the city managers offices, Mayor Ivy Taylor and all the city council. They jys t do not care and local companies and their drivers are expendable.

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