3 thoughts on “‘On My Honor’: A San Antonio Girl Scout’s Call to Protect Others from HPV, Cancer this Vaccination Season

  1. Jane Emma, your efforts to advocate and share this important message about the HPV vaccine is inspiring! It’s so refreshing to see a teenager like yourself take action and work to get the word out. The fact that science has the ability to prevent cancer with a simple shot is amazing, yet the fact that so many girls and young women opt out of this life-saving medicine saddens me. I applaud your efforts to protect your fellow girl scouts and the members of your community. Cheers!

  2. Powerful and concise. This project has the potential of sparing many families the heartbreak of losing a loved one way too soon. I hope we see the vaccination rate in Texas go up because of your efforts, Jane.

  3. I appreciate this young girl’s desire to help the community, but I believe this oversteps the boundaries of the girl scouts responsibilities. and ethics. I would not be surprised if these were some of the same organizations who excoriated Governor Perry for trying to do the same thing.

    I just think there is so many better ways to help the community without stepping into the circus of sexual politics. Of course this is my opinion only..

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