4 thoughts on “OneSA Bond Campaign Launches Amid Mayoral, Council Races

  1. The author mentions “contested seats in Council districts 2, 3, 8, 9, and 10” for this May’s local elections and incorrectly omits District 7 from this list. Incumbent D7 Councilperson, Cris Medina, is being challenged by Ana Sandoval (anasandoval.org).

  2. I am glad someone mentioned the District 7 race with Ana Sandoval. Her campaign kick-off was this past Saturday and the energy at the event was amazing. Not to mention that Julian and Joaquin Castro’s mother, Rosie Castro, spoke at the event. Also Jane Velasquez, wife of Willie Velasquez who was the founder of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, was present as were so many others from the community.

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