9 thoughts on “Open Letter to District Attorney LaHood

  1. Dear student body, while law enforcement is not above the law it is important to understand, neither are you. As a parent of a college sophomore, I have made sure that my son understands that he is not to break the law, disregard the authority of police officers, including campus officers, and to show respect to authority figures, other people and himself. Any of which would sure make Redus, alive today. You may be students but you are also legal ADULTS. No parent wants to lose a child. But the initial contact, just as in the Brown, and Garner cases, was caused by the their acts, not the police officers. That is the real lesson that is being taught. Making a martyr of a drug using DWI driver is absurd. Once again he was impaired and put everyone at risk being behind the wheel, and used poor judgment again when he resisted.

    • After a campus cop on a midnight snack run chased down Cameron, confronted him, and shot him to death while he was kneeling on the ground, UIW and police took the position that students and citizens were not entitled to investigation or explanation. In fact, UIW and police told students to mind their own business as if the administration that presided over this killing was somehow in control. This student, unlike many young men his age, has had the courage and the gumption to pursue the interests of constituents and fellows. In the end, this kid is right to raise these questions. As forCarter, he was neither authorized nor justified to execute the young man. If LaHood is doing his job, a jury at a public trial will decide whether Carter’s action was justified deadly force or murder.

  2. If drunk driving is deserving of having an officer unload their weapon into your head, then San Antonio is going to be the place to be for graduating mortuary students …,

    Was he making bad choices? Yes. However the officers reaction was not congruent to the crime.

  3. I find it disturbing you are asking a man who was charged with a gun crime to investigate a gun involved incident. This case should involve a special prosecutor not someone who was given community service for selling drugs to kids while holding a gun.

  4. Very well said Leo Torrez! My sentiments EXACTLY! Respect authority figures of all kinds, keep your opinions to yourself unless asked when in a situation with the law and most importantly do as you are asked. It’s so simple and can save your life.

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