7 thoughts on “Outraged Protesters Confront Pipeline CEO Kelcy Warren

  1. So, if a farmer leaves the gate to the chicken coop open at night, do we blame the foxes for taking advantage of the situation?

    The banks and financial institutions are only enabling a project that was
    legally permitted, indeed encouraged, by our government. If we are to
    lay blame, we need to look to the government and the regulatory agencies
    that gave this entire project, and all other fossil fuel
    economy-enabling projects, the green light. These companies will do
    whatever profitable thing they can get away with. It’s in their DNA. It
    is our government’s job to keep these predators in their cages. THAT is
    not happening.

    This blaming of perfectly legal activity is a non-starter. Until we focus on the root cause (our government), this is much ado about nothing.

    • The traditional analogy is a “fox guarding the chicken coop, ” remember?

      Someone opened the gates to your chicken coop while you weren’t looking, then blamed you for not being alert enough to keep them closed. And you believe them ?!

      The custom in Texas is for Oil & Gas to run things indirectly through bought and paid for politicians. In this case, the corporate ‘foxes’ actually sit on a State board that proposes to manage our public property for us by giving it all away.

      Also, just because you CAN legally lie about many things, or cheat on a spouse, should you do it? Just because something is legal does not make it right. We need to shine a spotlight on bad behavior and call it out instead of excusing it.

      Your theory about institutional DNA enables certain people — that is, real human beings with addresses (not non-human predators) — to hide behind a corporate alias and shirk all personal responsibility for their actions.

      And yes, we are all sinners, but the powerful and wealthy need to especially show responsibility and leadership, not to abuse and misuse their privileges.

    • GreenTexan, your scolding of humans within the various Capitalistic manifestations is quaint, but useless.

      The fact is, Capitalism is rapacious and amoral, and no amount of putting lipstick on that pig will change that fact. No amount of scolding will change it. Capitalism will take and take until there’s nothing left, and then it will move on to the next “opportunity”. It has completely corrupted our political process, poisoned our air, water, oceans and food supply, and will kill us all very soon, if we don’t name it for what it is – a cancer in the world’s economic, social, environmental and political life.

      Yes, real live people work in these Capitalistic institutions, but there are a million and one ways that such individuals (cogs in the machine) can honestly say that they are not personally responsible for the abuses. And they do say that. As Upton Sinclair has pointed out, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

      Here’s a quote from someone I follow online named Maxwell. As usual, he nails it here:

      “The current system – capitalism – needs to go before the governance of a new system- socialism- is established. A face lift of the current system will not help.

      There is a difference between the state and government. The state is the permanent collection of institutions that have entrenched power structures and interests. The government is made up of various politicians. It is the institutions that have power in the state due to their permanence, not the representatives who come and go. We cannot expect different politicians to act in different ways to the same pressures. However, this is all ignored by the voting political consumer who wishes Politician______ was more a socialist, green, populist etc. and could ignore the demands of the dominant class in society while in charge of one part of its protector and creature, the state.

      The forces placed on the elected person by the state machinery and pressures from big business dictate the outcome.”

      They say that without a vision, the people perish. Capitalism is not only killing us, it has poisoned our minds and imaginations to the point that we can’t see any other way. The only way back from the precipice is the way we came to it – by disabling the relentless and insidious levers of corruption that have enabled this cancer to take over our governance. We need ruthless, clear-headed action – equal to or greater than the enemy in our midst.

  2. #standwithstandingrock #NODAPL #standwithbigbend

    Petition Excerpt – Texas Governor Greg Abbott appointed Kelcy Warren for a 6 year term as 1 of the 10 commissioners who preside over Texas Parks And Wildlife Department(TPWD)… Why? Probably the $550,000 in campaign contributions Abbott received from Warren. Most people may know Kelcy Warren as the man behind the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The Dallas-based billionaire and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners has been making headlines for fast-tracking a 1100 mile crude oil pipeline across the Midwest and under the Missouri River, just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

    My name is Andrew Lucas and I am an Environmental Science major at UTSA and former Texas State Park Ambassador. I write this out of love for our beautiful Big Bend and Trans Pecos regions. I, like many other people, draw so much inspiration from this land. I do not want to see the future of our wild places left in the hands of corporate interest, so let us keep these interests separated from the agencies that are here to help preserve and protect it…..Seats on the TPW Commission should not be earned through campaign contributions for status or business/political leverage; the seats need to be appointed to those who actually care about TPW, who care about our environment, and who truly want to preserve our beautiful land for future generations.

    ….Read more, sign the petition and share freely – We need at least !0,000 signatures. ~ Shared from UNCLE TB

    Click here for Link to Petition: https://www.change.org/p/greg-abbott-remove-kelcy-warren-from-his-chair-on-the-texas-parks-wildlife-commission

  3. signrd. Glad to read about the hearings at the commission. thank you. I am against the Trans Pecos Pipeline, as I used to spend 3 months in Marfa, for about four years. I also am against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  4. It’s a good thing this is happening, we all know these evil greedy oil companies like to install oil sprinklers along pipeline routes to make sure the land is saturated with the black stuff. I’m also aware that these companies like to use Squaw and Apache blood, literal blood, in their fracking fluid b.c it brings good luck. These oil people are a pure incarnation of evil.

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