Peanut Factory Lofts Open in Westside

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City and community leaders gathered in District 5 today to celebrate the opening of the near-Westside’s newest housing development Tuesday morning, The Peanut Factory Lofts.

Mayor Ivy Taylor, Councilmember Shirley Gonzales (D5), and 210 Development Group President Michael Wilbracht stood before nearly 40 people for a ceremonial ribbon cutting ceremony of the $10 million adaptive reuse apartment complex at 939 South Frio St.

“This exciting new development signifies fresh opportunities and prosperity,” stated Gonzales in a press release. “We hope that it becomes a catalyst to spur further investment and development in District 5.”

Our very own Director of Marking and Development Jaime Solis was the emcee for the ceremony and County Commissioner Paul Elizondo and City Manager Sheryl Sculley were also in attendance.

Afterwards, guests were invited to tour the facilities and sample units. The original factory building, built in 1912, was converted into 25 loft-style units that include space in the four 60-foot tall silos. The remaining 77 units – including studio apartments and more traditional, larger floor plans.

“A few of the most unique characteristics are the adaptive reuse of the actual historic Peanut Factory and silos into one-of-a-kind, ultra luxe, urban dwellings,” stated 210 Development Group Director of Marketing Paige Shinn. “This project is the first major residential real estate investment in the Westside in more than 20 years. Our hope is that it ultimately revitalizes this promising sub-market into a thriving district of downtown San Antonio.”

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13 thoughts on “Peanut Factory Lofts Open in Westside

  1. New construction pretending to be “industrial” is so cringe-inducing. Looks like another suburban apartment complex, only with sloppier details and cheapened finishes. And what’s with the comically-proportioned non-functional awnings a mile above the window heads? Were they intended to emulate chola eyebrows or something?

  2. Yet another unaffordable near downtown housing development. I’m not sure what people they want to encourage to move into town, but it’s certainly not the average San Antonio resident.

  3. Next phase: convince the county to move the jail. That would bring a lot of opportunity to District 5. How his Via going to develop their West Side multimodal transportation system with that elephant lingering in the background?

  4. Just on the other side of these lofts are dilapidated homes and housing projects that have been neglected for years. 95% of the neighbors couldn’t afford to live there. We have more pressing issues in my district than fancy apartments.

  5. Before snap – that’s a creepy neighborhood, between the drug dealers, junkies, cops and bails bondsmen.
    $1.35/sf! That’s $810.00 a month for 600 sf!
    Peanut Factory is a good name- you have to be nuts to rent there!

  6. awesome! one step at a time- Prospect Hill is a sleeping giant of potential for revitalization- a few projects happening- warehouse 5 lofts,
    Lift Fund Headquarters, individual homes and blocks getting updated- Its a coming!!

  7. “We hope that it becomes a catalyst to spur further investment and development in District 5.”

    Translation: Its too hard to fix neighborhoods and help existing residents, so instead we’re just going to build ridiculously expensive crap and attract rich hipsters in order to push out the existing residents because they’re poor and icky and probably have the plague.

  8. We need to stop this 210 developers before they flood the Westside and Southside with
    this type of ridiculous, cheap developments. They wanted to build apartments behind our Mission Library, we have been fighting them for the last several years. Now, I just found out they want to build near Mission San Jose. the location is entirely to small for 6 Units with 3 story.

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