7 thoughts on “PechaKucha VI: “Ladies, Pick Your Bull Carefully”

  1. Thanks, Sara, for the comprehensive writeup. Tons of value there, and well captured. Important event gathering open minds and willing hands creating San Antonio’s future.

  2. Just got around to reading about Pecha-Kucha and it was nice to read about all the presenters. Well done, from buttefly eangelist to the rancher lady. This was a first time for me to attend this event and I really enjoyed it.What a
    diverse group.

  3. Without slighting the efforts of Mr. Hightower, I am the original Architecture co-chair (along with assistant City Architect Bill Hensley) of the AIA team in 1996 for the Museum Reach. Mr. Hightower is my peer in this regard as he had a team from the same event studying the Southside.
    “Without vainglory or ego, he measured out the patient progress of river development, from the public art exuberance of the Museum Reach to the re-pioneering of the Mission Reach to this new project point; a design-enabled time travel of a sorts, curving the constrained waterway back into a goddamn river. Hightower’s had to counter, again and again, civic and other forces bent on reducing this moving water to the tactical shorthand of a linear irrigation canal. He’s quietly prevailing, though. HIs efforts are as if to say, after all its hard work of energizing downtown and Southside San Antonio, let the San Antonio River have a day off. I admit that Charles Barkley crossed my mind; if, under the contrarian bluster, he in fact admires and recognizes pattern and strategy, Hightower might have won him over. As it was, Hightower delivered foresight, insight, and earned the audience’s trust that thoughtful progress is not only possible, but happening.”

    The quoted piece seems to favor Mr. Hightower as “the force to be reckoned with” on the topic of the entire river… The exuberant Sarah Fisch only needs to recognize he is not the only one.

    Mark E. Kellmann, Architect, NCARB
    San Antonio, Texas

  4. Mr. Kellman,

    My apologies for not having included your name alongside that of Mr. Hightower’s; I was describing my impression of this particular speaker. I wasn’t careful enough in my writing to spread the credit for the laudable momentum of this very complex river expansion/ re-naturalization. The river projects springs from the oversight and hard work of a complex team of people and organizations. I do recognize that Mr. Hightower is not solely responsible.
    Thank you for all your work and expertise.

    All best,
    Sarah Fisch

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