Photo Gallery: ‘Before I Die’ Wall Unveiled Downtown

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Before I die, I want to ___________.

The City of San Antonio wants community members to fill in that blank via an interactive art piece outside of the Houston Street Garage at the intersection of Navarro and Houston streets. Councilmember Roberto Treviño (D1) was on site Wednesday to unveil the more than 20-foot wide chalkboard.

“Working with Lori (Houston), working with Felix (Padron) they know it’s going to take artistic and cultural efforts to help a city that is trying to create the decade of downtown, a city on the rise, and – as I call it – a city by design.” Trevino said.

His “Before I die…” wish? “To fly around the world,” he wrote. Which is not as far-fetched as you might think. In addition to being an architect, he’s also a pilot.

Councilmember Roberto Treviño speaks at unveiling of the Before I die... public art display. Photo by Scott Ball.

Councilmember Roberto Treviño speaks at unveiling of the “Before I die…” public art display. Photo by Scott Ball.

The origin of the project started in 2011 by artist Candy Chang in New Orleans and was installed on the side of an abandoned house. After a late night installation, the chalkboard became an overnight success and has now reached more than 75 countries worldwide. The city hopes for participation both from locals and tourists over the next few months.

The downtown installation was created in partnership with District 1, Center City Development and Operations, and the Department for Culture and Creative Development.

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8 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: ‘Before I Die’ Wall Unveiled Downtown

  1. I hadn’t known of the origins of this, but saw one a couple of years ago when visiting the little town of Gibson’s on Canada’s Sunshine Coast, and found it WONDERFUL. It is so beautiful and touching when people interact with it sincerely and honestly. A good question for all of us to ask ourselves.

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