11 thoughts on “Pints & Politics II: Mayoral Candidates State Their Case at the Pearl Stable

  1. What are the candidates’ policy about all the dogs tied out in yards in San Antonio without shelter or even water most of the time? It does no good to report to ACS.

  2. The four front runners only because the media and many of the organizations run by the establishment refuse to cover the others fairly. As a Mayoral Candidate I am now considered the fourth candidate and dark horse in the race; having surpassed Tommy Addikinson and gaining on these so called front runners. It is time San Antonians truly have a voice in our city government but to do that we must stop electing career politicians and start electing career leaders.

    • Bravo Paul! I’m so happy you chose to speak up. The current trend of featuring only 4 DEMOCRAT, Council members as the top four candidates is a blatant misdirection of a non-partisan City election. There are currently 14 individuals campaigning for Mayor of San Antonio. Each candidate comes from a diverse, some non-political background. Many, are highly qualified and deserving of consideration for the post.

      San Antonio government is currently broken and desperately in need of repair. Thank you Paul for speaking up on behalf of the competition running and willing to do whatever they can to fix our beautiful city. Mr Rivard (Ms Dimmick) – when you finally do choose to hold another Mayoral Forum for the 2015 election – please be fair, honest and unbiased by including all 14 (including the highly qualified Republican, Libertarian, and others contenders.) Holding an election event, especially on city-owned property, is against the law. All candidates deserve equal consideration for this highly important job. Think America’s leaders knew what they were doing?

      • Ms. Linck, I respectfully disagree with your proposal to include all candidates. Have you ever attended a debate/forum? Even with four candidates on stage, it can take a while to hear from each person. If there were 14 candidates on stage, Mr. Rivard would have gotten to ask maybe two or three questions and the audience would not have had nearly as many of its issues addressed.

        Additionally, while all of the candidates featured at this forum are Democrats (I believe), none of them has made their party an issue nor are they running on their party identification. I am curious why you believe that “featuring only 4 DEMOCRAT, Council members as the top four candidates is a blatant misdirection of a non-partisan City election.” How so?

        • Thank you for your comments, Andy. Yes, I have attended several candidate forums and debates – going back to the 70’s when Senator Paul Sarbanes ran alongside Jimmy Carter. I know it can take very long to ask questions of 14 candidates; but, it can be done. One of the best forums recently conducted was at the San Antonio Toolyard and another at Our Lady of the Lake University. As long as the moderator clearly asks a question to be answered by each contender, several different subjects can be addressed. Of course, a timekeeper must keep the forum flowing. It can and has been done successfully here in SA during the current Mayoral Campaign.

          Your 2nd comment is quite accurate, the candidates being touted as the top contenders are not running along their party lines. However, they are all of the same beliefs, values, and fight for many of the same causes. My point was to give San Antonio citizens an opportunity to see who else is running and what might they have to say / offer that could and quite possibly lead to a different, better end for San Antonio. That’s all, just my opinion regarding many of the current campaign events.

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