2 thoughts on “Political Theater: How A Bill That Nearly All Opposed Managed To Pass The House

  1. I haven’t read the AHCA (not necessary, apparently), but I do wonder what reasonable person, looking at the little stack of paper that makes up the AHCA, would think that it is adequate to dismantle and replace the two-foot-tall ACA? If some clever lawmaker could rewrite it to one page, maybe all of us (including our elected representatives) could read and understand it!

  2. There was no need to do this. Republicans in Congress WANTED to ensure that millions of Americans will lose their healthcare or go bankrupt paying for healthcare.

    They WANTED people to suffer, and they decided that the brunt of the suffering should fall on women and the elderly.

    I never have voted Republican. But I have never really donated time, money, and energy in support of a Congressional candidate before, either. In 2018, I will be knocking on doors and making phone calls.

    Gentlemen, enjoy these moments of cruel self-satisfaction while they last.

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