4 thoughts on “Popovich Goes Off on Recent Election

  1. Massachusetts might be majority Democrat and Texas majority Republican, but at least we have Popovich over Bill Belichick. His quotes here help me feel much better about living where I do. What he’s saying needs to be said over and over by anyone fortunate to have easy access to a soapbox.

  2. I applaud Pop. This is integrity. This is courage. This is everything this country should be about. He does this in a state that voted overwhelmingly for Trump, in a county which went for the opponent but only slightly and only because of the inner city, because of many of the people Trump had trashed. He stands up in opposition to many of the Spurs fans. He did what all others should have. He stood up for truth, honor, integrity and goodness. He stood up to demonstrate that whatever else influences us and our lives, we should, in the end, stand up for the values which matter.

  3. Thank you Pop for expressing so succinctly how many of us think, feel and fear. Thank you for your integrity and courage – I would have supported and campaigned whole-heartedly for Pop for President!

  4. Interesting. Popovich “can’t imagine being a Muslim right now, or a woman, or an African American, a Hispanic, a handicapped person.” True empathy, no?

    I must wonder, then, how he can justify casting aspersions upon an entire demographic group. Apparently, most “white guy[s]” (at least the ones who voted for Donald Trump) are “xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic” (a.k.a. one of the “Deplorables”). “[V]alues don’t mean anything to them.” “[A]ny reasonable person” would have refused to vote for Trump, since his supporters have made so many “disgusting” comments – especially concerning “our first black [sic] president” (which is an interesting observation, since Obama wasn’t running for office).

    Popovich finally wrapped up his remarks by confessing the ultimate “big fear”: his conclusion that “we are Rome.”

    You know, when I consider ancient Rome, I picture a hedonistic society, where physical pleasure was the ultimate goal and an objective standard of morality was not recognised. Life (particularly that of the very young and the very old) possessed little value. Only idols – false gods – were openly acknowledged, and political power could be easily obtained through subterfuge and savagery. In fact, amongst the populace as a whole, barbarism was freely embraced, reaching its crescendo in the various Games held in the city’s famed Colosseum.

    It’s funny, but while such a description may sound like the direction our once enlightened nation is now heading, it decidedly does not describe the typical voter who decided to cast his lot with Donald Trump.

    But, what do I know? I voted for Donald Trump, too.

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