10 thoughts on “Commentary: An Imam’s Prayer and a Majority’s Lament at City Council

  1. What a disappointing hack job. You’ve been in the bag for her since day one. To say she had a positive impact on the district is woefully ignorant of basic facts. You’re certainly entitled to your own opinion, but to state things as fact that are demonstrably false is irresponsible.

  2. Looking forward to Cris Medina’s return as he has proven in the past to be a responsive district representative -at least, taking the time (unlike Aguirre-Rodriguez ) to address various unfiltered neighborhood-and district-specific queries, concerns and opinions shared more or less in ‘real time’ a by a range of constituents via neighborhood Facebook groups within the district.

    Under Aguirre-Rodriguez’s watch, Woodlawn Lake Pool closed a month earlier than expected and despite apparent (at the Pool and on Facebook) neighborhood interest in maintaining operations through at least the end of October as in previous years (It is 94F in San Antonio currently). Requests from residents for Aguirre-Rodriguez’s assistance or at least an update on the matter of a potentially shortened Pool season posted to Facebook were not responded to and the Pool has been drained (but we now have a new wifi room at Woodlawn Lake Park?).

    There has also been apparent confusion and frustration expressed within neighborhood Facebook groups in recent weeks about the steps that can be taken to address district-wide issues including a perceived spike in property crime (break-ins), speeding in residential areas, and completing the sidewalk improvements, construction and other ‘priority’ pedestrian amenity and safety works outlined with the long-range Near Northwest Community Plan and MOU (needs that have intensified with the introduction of the VIA Primo service along Fredericksburg Rd) – concerns and planning which should have informed recent budget decisions.

    Like decreasing the use of plastic bags in San Antonio (which Medina has championed – posting photos to Facebook of stray plastic bags spotted in neighborhood trees, etc), these aren’t ‘cool’ issues or necessarily Council’s priorities . . . but they are what residents of San Antonio and the district are actually concerned about and expect local government and their representatives to respond to or at least acknowledge.

  3. I understand and respect your opinion, but it seems to represented as a presentation of facts. She hasn’t attended neighborhood meetings and accomplished absolutely zero more than what would have happened with anyone else in that slot. Furthermore, her acts of sabotage on the operations related to constituent services should set off red flags with someone who has long stood against political shenanigans in San Antonio, as you have. The reassignment of city hall roles was done 2.5 weeks before suspensions. They served no purpose beyond sabotaging our constituent services to set her up for May. My contrary point of view is based on facts.

  4. @ Colin & Tirpakma: What is your opinion on the fact that over a year ago, Medina was caught lying/falsifying his Personal Financial Statements, pretending and making up a business that never ever existed, making up a master’s degree that he didn’t have, illegally converting thousands of city lobby campaign contributions for personal use, accepting a contribution that was not written by the person who’s name is on the check, failing to have an appropriate campaign treasurer in place, failing to report in-kind contributions, accepting corporate contributions, having 4 Texas Ethics Commission complaints with over 720 questionable campaign expenditures? Please don’t tell us that these serious issues that Medina and friends have conducted themselves by are politically motivated, because they are not. As an elected representative, Medina is subject to public scrutiny for complete transparency and accountability, and by far he doesn’t pass the smell test. Medina needs to step down and spare the Constituents and the City his very dirty laundry.

  5. Dillard: as stated, I respect how Medina has addressed and responded to the interests of constituents as expressed through neighborhood Facebook groups.

    In this regard, Medina has proven to be much more tech-savvy and responsive to constituents than the appointed Aguirre-Rodriguez . . . who appears to have served primarily as a proxy for various City departments and interests during her days ‘representing’ the district, including during annual budgeting.

    Do constituents of District 7 deserve better – including spending on desired public improvements (a Woodlawn Lake pool season through at least October as in previous years vs. having meetings and allocating $25k in budget to encourage use of a ‘wifi room’) and in some cases agreed to over a decade ago (sidewalks)? Absolutely.

    In the meantime, I guess I’ll join the City in gazing at a prematurely drained pool from the Park ‘wifi room’ this sunny weekend and avoiding making eye contact with the folks in wheelchairs I see making their way across and down residential streets and lanes of Fredericksburg Road (where there are no sidewalks) to VIA bus stations, stores, the Park, etc.

    • I dealt directly with the handicap for over three decades having owned a business for over three decades and know the importance of those sidewalks you refer to. With respect to being tech-savvy, Aguirre Rodriguez worked for Rack space and in my opinion it’s unfair to say Medina has any experience in that field, but my point was not about that, but that Medina has falsified his personal financials under oath and penalty of perjury several times. He also made up a business that he claimed to be the CEO and President of. Diligent Specialty Mechanical is what he called the fake business listed on his financials and on the official City web site, but the truth was that it was never registered as a business. It did not have a tax number, and had no licenses.. It simply never existed, and the City eventually forced him to remove the bogus information from his bio. After he worked for Justin Rodriguez, he didn’t have a job. How has he payed his bills? What kind of favors was he doing? How much of his city lobby campaign contributions did he illegally convert for personal use? Why did he not report in-kind contributions in the thousands provided by his political benefactor and Dist 7 landlord? Why did he accept a check written in the name of an individual who did not write it with his Dist 7 landlords address? He’s not only under investigation by the Police & FBI, but also the Texas Ethics Commission. Medina is not the person he claims to be, but one thing for sure is that he’s lied consistently about how he makes his living. Is he beholden to favors for the contributions/money? Perhaps that’s why a portion of Fredericksburg doesn’t have sidewalks/handicap access. Let’s see what these investigations bring, but meanwhile, constituents need to be asking why Medina falsified information under Oath? Feel free to ask him when you see him, but beware of any transparency or accountability to the constituents or the District.

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