Pre-K 4 SA Opens 50 New Spots on Eastside

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Pre-K 4 SA classroom. Photo courtesy of the City of San Antonio.

Pre-K 4 SA classroom. Photo courtesy of the City of San Antonio.

If there’s one challenge facing the administrators of the Pre-K 4 SA program, it is high demand. The City of San Antonio’s prekindergarten program opened with full enrollment at all four centers for the 2014-15 academic year. Program directors have set an enrollment goal of 1,700 students by the 2016-17 school year.

Pre-K 4 SA’s East Education Center is taking a giant step forward in response to that need, adding 50 spaces available to 4-year-olds next school year, raising capacity from 350 to 400 students. This will come as welcome news to the families now enrolling their little ones for the April 8 lottery selection. Applications will be accepted now through April 5. For more information or to apply, visit or call (210) 206-PREK (7735)supportprek_banner

Applicants must meet the TEA’s eligibility requirements for tuition-free preschool and live within a participating school district. For those outside the school district, or who do not meet these requirements, enrollment is offered on a sliding scale tuition basis. After the initial lottery selection on April 8, applications will continue to be accepted into August or until all centers reach capacity.

The East and West Education Centers, newly opened for the 2014-15 school year, marked a major milestone for the program, with all four facilities now operational. The East Center, on Eisenhauer Road, saw huge demand, and quickly progressed with plans to increase capacity.

Pre-K 4 SA CEO Kathy Bruck and Board Chair Elaine Mendoza.

Pre-K 4 SA CEO Kathy Bruck and Board Chair Elaine Mendoza.

“With our four centers operating at full capacity, it’s evident that awareness of the benefits in high-quality prekindergarten has taken root and continues to grow in San Antonio. Pre-K 4 SA is growing alongside it,” said Pre-K 4 SA CEO Kathy Bruck. “Our East Education Center, in particular, is filling a great need in the communities it serves. Our goal in expanding the opportunity to enroll at the East Center is to increase even further the reach of early childhood education there.”

The importance of early childhood education, long acknowledged by educators, is gaining prominence on the state-level as well. Gov. Greg Abbott’s declaration in his first State of the State address that early childhood education programs would be among his five “emergency” items fast-tracked for legislative consideration. Many have voiced concern about the funding and accountability structures he has in mind, but San Antonio remains well ahead of the curve. The voter’s bold choice to fund education for the city’s littlest citizens, and the impressively high quality being delivered by Bruck and her staff make Pre-K 4 SA a success story on every front.

*Featured/top image: Pre-K 4 SA classroom. Photo courtesy of the City of San Antonio.

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3 thoughts on “Pre-K 4 SA Opens 50 New Spots on Eastside

  1. Hey George
    The link you posted is from 2000, 15 years ago, based on data collected in the 1980’s and 1990’s, which at that point the post basically says, we are not sure what the benefits of the program are.

    It goes on to say “In any case, the desirability of programs like Head Start and universal preschool should not hinge only on whether preschool works.” This quote from your post says a great deal. According to Cato it does not matter whether the program works or not, we should shut it down anyway.

    Head Start has undergone dramatic changes since 2000 and continues to improve.

    I have been to many of San Antonio’s Head Start centers and PreK for SA. If I still had prek age kids at home I would put them on the waiting list for both of these programs.

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