10 thoughts on “Philadelphia Firm Will Lead Alamo Master Plan

  1. Please do not move b the centotaph. It will break. Only statue with heroes sculpted and honored. Sculpted by Pompeo coppini an Italian immigrant. Look him up. R

  2. Probably a good idea getting an out-of-state firm to lead on this. Too many hot-head buttons pushed locally concerning “whose Plaza/Story/History is it anyway?”

  3. Obviously, San Antonio architectural and engineering firms don’t have the expertise required for a local project. O’Neil Ford must be spinning in his grave.

  4. With the local newspaper pushing a plan to tear down the historic buildings surrounding the plaza and crate a fake mission it’s probably a good idea to hire an out-of-state firm to take a cooler look at it. Sometimes San Antonio is its own worst enemy.

    Lonn Taylor

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