Ruth Grassi, 88, has been a Spurs fan since 1992. Grassi attended Game 2 of the NBA Finals June 8, 2014. Photo by Scott Ball.

Summer heat in San Antonio can be grueling. The sun beats down with cruel intensity that often spikes thermostats into three-digits. Temperatures in the hundreds are anticipated for next week, so VIA Metropolitan Transit, in partnership with the San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD), is giving away 20-inch box fans to senior residents, the population most vulnerable to summer heat.

Titled “Project Cool” the initiative will provide box fans to senior citizens living in retirement homes without air conditioning. Senior citizens who live in facilities without air circulation face a greater risk of heat-related injuries and death.

VIA and SAFD have distributed box fans to senior citizens since 2012, and they are seeking fan donations from San Antonio area residents.

Those who want to donate can purchase a new 20-inch box fan at an area retail store for about $20 or $30. SAFD is taking donations at any one of their stations – except for the Airport Fire Station – until Sept. 30.

San Antonio seniors who are at least 60 years old and in critical need of a fan are eligible candidates. Contact the Project Cool office by phone at 210-207-8198 for more information.

*Featured/top image: San Antonio resident Ruth Grassi is 89-years old. Photo by Scott Ball.

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