6 thoughts on “Proposed Luxury Apartment Tower in Southtown Grows Taller

  1. Thank God this building isn’t on the Eastside. It wouldn’t have a chance. The District 1 councilman knows that growth is good.

  2. Untrue, there are taller apartment complexes built on the east-side, example The Vedora…it is placement and not development that is in question…let’s be real!!!

  3. How can the HDRC be allowing a thirteen-story building within the La Villita Historic District? Shouldn’t its maximum height be similar to the seven story Plaza San Antonio hotel? La Villita is a district of one and two-story houses and stores from early San Antonio. Is the HDRC going to allow other high-rise buildings on vacant property within the La Villita District?

  4. This narrower building leaves the Tower Life building at least partly visible to drivers and pedestrians on St Marys. That was one of the important viewsheds citizens recently identified as worth protecting. The developer next to the Hays St Bridge needs to do a better job of keeping that view. Placement really is in question on that eastside case.

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