3 thoughts on “Proposed Retail Component Wins Community Support for Tobin Hill Mixed-Use Project

  1. A grocery store, please. It’s a gaping void in the area. A small greengrocer, perhaps? TJ’s? HEB? Someone needs to step up.

  2. I am surprised that members of S.A.N.E. are not jumping all over this conversation already. If a neighborhood opposes something, they hit it hard with their NIMBY comments and their “density is good for everyone”. Where are they here? This is density. This is middle housing. This is walk-able. Bike-able. The neighborhood even suggested HIGHER density to allow an affordability component. Where is the support for a project like this? Why is no one from S.A.N.E. shouting from the hilltops “yes, THIS!”? As an aside, I second the idea of a grocery store in this area. With all the increased residential stock being provided, someone stands to make a bunch of money providing those residents their daily necessities.

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