18 thoughts on “#ProudSAWoman Responds to Charles Barkley Body Shaming

  1. “My anger isn’t so much that it was directed at San Antonio but it was directed at women. His remarks were ignorant and unnecessary.” <–Yes. This. Unnecessary and directed at women. Great to see social media women (and quite a few men now on Twitter) push back on this. I hope Weight Watchers (whom Barkley reps) and ESPN are listening.

  2. I will admit that body shaming is not a quality human value. Especailly when a body shaming comment is directed to you. As I once personally experienced.

    However, when I saw this same Charles Barkley controversy on a local television news station. The news station stated that Charles Barkeley is a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. And supposedly this same television station reporter mentioned they she reached out to Weight Watchers for a comment on Charles Barkley remark. Whichever, Weight Watchers has yet to reach back to this local television station for a comment on Charles Barley controversy.

    Charles Barkley also pointed out that our beloved San Antonio River and referred to it as a creek. But that is asides from the issue here.

    If Charles Barkley was anything of a man with a good sense of human male value… An apology to the City of San Antonio and all of you women whom he has offended would be wise. Not to mention those who have loved ones whom have experienced body or any kind of shaming that is offensive.

  3. I am in love with this, have been sharing it all over. But I would say it would be awesome if those rebutting Barkley didn’t turn around and body snark on him, too. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and all that.

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