One thought on “Public to Help Craft Policy at Sustainability Summit

  1. I didn’t attend the Forum, but reading above I’m not spotting truly clear-cut, measurable, meaningful and memorable environmental/organizational goals on par with other cities in the US or our region – including Austin and possibly Houston, both of which are C40/Compact of Mayors (global leadership on climate change) cities –

    I’m not comforted that the City of San Antonio’s new Sustainability Plan apparently contains “a huge volume of goals and strategies” – as such a volume suggests that we have no coordinated or clear goals or strategies as a city, despite costly and mainly outsourced recent sustainability planning exercises (separate environmental Hazard Mitigation and SATomorrow planning).

    In comparison, City of Austin staff launched a performance tracking dashboard for ambitious but achievable cross-department and -agency sustainability goals, including to:

    – make Austin’s facilities, fleets and operations carbon neutral by 2020;

    – achieve 55% renewable energy by 2025 utility-wide (City of Austin operations have been 100% renewable energy since 2011);

    – divert 90% of the city’s landfill waste by 2040.

    The City of Austin’s sustainability performance tracking dashboard is part of a larger effort to make City data more open and various City reporting and planning more of a year-round, coordinated and real-time process. It is also meant to help build community involvement and trust in local government.

    We could learn from Austin’s goals and associations (is San Antonio C40/Compact of Mayors/UN Habitat/ICLEI/UCLG interested, aware or worthy?) as well as their dashboard. A comparable set of goals and a performance dashboard could be a possible point of collaboration between COSA’s Office of Sustainability and the newer COSA Office of Innovation – aiming to be launched prior to the next annual budgeting in mid 2017?

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