Purported 2009 Police Report Brings Another Domestic Violence Denial From Greg Brockhouse

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Councilman Greg Brockhouse (D6) arrives to participate in an April mayoral debate hosted by the Rivard Report.

Mayoral candidate and Councilman Greg Brockhouse (D6) again denied allegations of domestic violence on Friday after the San Antonio Express-News published a story accompanied by a document it obtained.

The document appears to be a police report filed by a San Antonio police officer, dated Dec. 23, 2009. The document includes a description of an allegation of domestic violence by Brockhouse, that he grabbed his current wife, Annalisa Brockhouse, and threw her on the ground.

“I’ve discussed it multiple times,” Brockhouse said Friday. “I absolutely deny it.”

Brockhouse is currently in a runoff election against Mayor Ron Nirenberg, where he seeks to unseat the one-term incumbent.

Brockhouse said he would defer to Annalisa, as she is the “best source,” and said he would ask her to email a statement. In a statement Friday, Annalisa said it was a “shame” to have to talk about the domestic violence allegation again. The Express-News first reported on the allegation in March, as well as another allegation from 2006 involving Brockhouse’s ex-wife Christine Rivera.

I have never been in nor would I ever stay in an abusive relationship and I certainly wouldn’t keep my kids in an abusive environment,” she said.

The Rivard Report has made several attempts to schedule an interview with Annalisa. Rivera did not respond to requests for comment Friday.

The San Antonio Police Department had said the 2009 report didn’t exist in City records, and on Friday the department said it was unable to testify to the newly surfaced document’s veracity.

“We cannot verify a report that is not in our possession,” Lt. Jesse Salame said in an email Friday evening.

While community members agree that domestic violence remains a critical issue, not all believe that Brockhouse has fully addressed the domestic violence allegations leveled against him. A group of women, of a new organization called Mētú – Women of Diversity Defeating Violence, intend to hold a news conference Monday and present a petition to draw attention to the allegations against Brockhouse. The group said they believe the evidence shows a “pattern of abusive behavior.” As of Friday evening, 65 people had signed the petition.

Gina Galaviz Eisenberg, a co-chair of Mētú, said the group does not feel that Brockhouse has addressed the domestic violence allegations sufficiently and that threatening to leave a debate if the allegations were asked about, as Brockhouse did last month, raised a red flag.

“We’re not satisfied that he’s spoken about it,” she said. ‘Until he does, we all believe the community needs to keep the pressure up until we get honest answers.”

Eisenberg said many in Mētú, including herself, are survivors of domestic violence. One in three people in Texas will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, according to a Texas Council on Family Violence information sheet.

“You’re in a room, you see three grouped together — one in three,” she said. “It’s really alarming.”

Bexar County saw 25 domestic violence-related deaths last year, triple the number from 2015. Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales (D5) and Councilman Manny Pelaez (D8) recently wrote a request to City Council asking for domestic violence to be prioritized in the upcoming budget process.

Brockhouse said he supports that measure and included backing the proposal in the fifth goal of his action plan, released Friday, about improving public safety.

He labeled the allegations against him as a political tool wielded by Nirenberg.

“The fact that there are false allegations against me doesn’t mean [domestic violence] is not a real issue,” he said. “It’s an issue in San Antonio, period.”

33 thoughts on “Purported 2009 Police Report Brings Another Domestic Violence Denial From Greg Brockhouse

  1. Is there not a police office name on the report? Is that officer still on the force? Seems an investigator could track the officer down. Unless the officer was involved in deleting the records.

    It is NOT alright to sweep this under the carpet. San Antonio deserves the full story.

  2. A report means there was an incident. No charges filed? Then there’s nothing really to report. Enough of this bs stories.

    • Anyone who’s done even the slightest bit of research into domestic violence knows that spouses withdrawing charges or refusing to press charges is incredibly common.

  3. Just because charges were not filed does not mean there was not abuse. Many victims of domestic abuse don’t follow through to press charges especially when it means putting their children through an ordeal.

  4. If there was an incident and nothing came out if the report why won’t he comment on it. But refusing to answer questions at a debate and to threatening to walk out are childish power tactics that are red flags for a person who likes to be in control. I pray for his wife the hell she must be going through to be pressured to lie for this “man”.

  5. It is shameful how low you and your buddy Mayor Ron will go to win. How can you call your self unbiased? I read you now only to keep informed of the current lies.

  6. Purport | Definition of Purport by Merriam-Webster
    1 : to have the often specious appearance of being, intending, or claiming (something implied or inferred) a book that purports to be an objective analysis…
    Did he do it or not………? Please stop Speciously Appearing to be Objective in your Reporting about the mayoral race.

  7. It is shameful that voters ignore allegations of domestic violence in this man’s past as well as the fact that his wages were garnished for non payment of child support and had levies filed against him to get it paid! He has four children with four different women but he is all about family values. Right. It is disgusting how voters continue to ignore the rights of women and children to vote for these people with clear histories of disregard and disrespect for women and children.

  8. The report is dated 12/23/2009. The incident form on right hand bottom corner has SAPD FORM 2-2 REV 2007 on the first two pages. Pages three and four with Brockhouse information as a suspect have SAPD FORM 2-3 (Jan 2010). How can a report be written on forms not yet issued or released?

    • Alleged incident was 12/23/2009, 2 days prior to Christmas. Pages 3/4 are part of a supplemental report which was probably filled out by the officer bc the original report doesn’t identity SP. I assume the supplemental report came after the holidays when the officer realized the report was incomplete, so there’s nothing fishy here, aside from a another Brockhouse supporter desperate to discredit credible allegations.

  9. more and more gossip and innuendo from the rivard report which is san antonio version of gossip publications. FOR THE LAST TIME, MR. BROCKHOUSE WAS NEVER CHARGED BY A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL OR DEPARTMENT WITH A FELONY OR MISDEMEANOR.

    like the national media obsession with charging POTUS Trump with a crime regardless of the evidence, rivard report is engaged in the same character assassination because of political bias.

    i am becoming less and less patient with supporting rivard report as a subscriber. STOP THE GOSSIP, INNUENDO AND ADVOCACY. report facts, investigate the accusations to determine facts from allegations, dont engage in personal vendettas or advocacy, hold ALL elected official accountable for their words and actions, be a cynic not advocate.

    isn’t that what you learned in journalism school??

    • Did you ever stop to think that maybe they are holding all elected officials accountable, its just that the only one who has multiple allegations of domestic violence on their record is your guy?

      • I understand there is at least one other open case of domestic abuse charges against a fire fighter…. I’m wondering just how many fire fighters have been involved in domestic violence disputes, given their cult-like support for Brockhouse. Domestic abusers stick together.

  10. Regarding elctions, please do not get into the politics of our city.
    You are taking sides. Report without being biased.

    • Reporting credible allegations on a government official running for office isn’t taking sides, it’s journalism…

      • Amen. Thank God there are journalists in San Antonio that are trying to expose the truth. It’s fundamental to know if a candidate for mayor of the 7th largest city in the US has character & integrity.

  11. Get ready SA this is going to be the new norm until June 9th! RR, Express News will continue to run these lies because they cannot report on the issues of this current Mayor because HE HAS NONE! So RN has the RR and Express News doing all his dirty work for him so he can say he has nothing to do with it. What A shame that these 2 so called publications continue to report on this. If any crime was committed, and his wife did not press charges the State would already have a case on Mr. Brockhouse!! Stop reporting on this one his child support, credit issues, and how many women he has had children with. PEOPLE IN THIS CITY WANT CHANGE AND ON JUNE 8th CHANGE IS COMING WHEN WE VOTE RN OUT OF OFFICE!

    • Hate to break this to you David but… if this were in fact a lie realize Brockhouse could sue for libel. He doesn’t, nor does he send out a cease and desist letter bc it’s not a lie…
      Sorry to burst your bubble…

    • David,
      These were almost my exact words last Sunday when I responded to Bob Rivard’s usual biased Sunday commentary. The biased political machine comprised of a select few (Express News (where Rivard obviously still has contacts), most of the local news stations, and the Sculley disciples, have implemented their usual dirty game plan because they can’t defend Nirenberg’s weakness. I obviously got under Bob’s skin because he challenged me to produce proof of his, and his staff’s, biased reporting. He claims he never said voters were fickle and easily swayed by misinformation after the Proposition A,B, and C votes in November. Then claims he never used verbiage to insinuated Brockhouse has character issues due to have multiple children from different women, domestic violence issues, and financial irresponsibility due to his child support issues in the past. I have not been able to respond because I normally do not read the website until the weekend, but have accepted his challenge by compiling a laundry list of his obviously strategically worded innuendos that leave nothing to the imagination. I’ll be posting those soon since he “called me out”. The desperation of what is occurring right now is sad to watch. Nirenberg looks like a lost child that is waiting for mom (Sculley) and dad (Hardberger) to tell him to sit up straight at the table and eat all of his veggies. Most likely what happened with this strategically leaked report was his wife was most likely going to file for divorce (yes, almost 50% of married couples divorce) and copies were obtained for that purpose. Usually, public copies of a report will not list arrested persons or individuals suspected of a crime, that is why the second sheet with Brockhouse’s name was most likely produced at a later date (look at the version of the forms at the bottom right). Either way, the report is likely legitimate. That being said, this truly is the ONLY hope Nirenberg or his “groupies” (see aforementioned) have at winning the runoff. While no one advocates domestic violence, it is disingenuous to present the stories as “fact” when you have nothing but a 5-line police report and no arrest, charges, or conviction. You can cite all the examples you want of victims not following through by changing their mind, however law enforcement can pursue charges without the victim’s cooperation. This relentless attack on Brockhouse’s character will continue until June 8th. Heck, the man can’t even present his own action plan that includes planting trees without being labeled in the Express News as “attacking the city’s climate plan”, which everyone knows is crap. So, buckle up and enjoy the next three weeks of “Ron the angel” and Greg ” the wife beater” Brockhouse, it should be interesting.

      • Very well said Chubola. I still worry how far left this Mayor, and council has gone in just 2 years. Can you only imagine if good ole Ron gets another 2 years? San Antonio will forever be changed for all the wrong reasons! San Antonio has its own version of Washington DC, where the media is setting the narrative for this election. Just like it didn’t work in 2016 it will not work in 2019. San Antonio GET OUT AND VOTE IF YOU TRULY WANT CHANGE!

  12. The current mayor has done nothing for the city. If you bother to look, the city is trashy and unclean. I just witnessed a homeless man adjacent to the walmart on Walem road with 4 baskets and a tarp overhead that he calls home. What is this city coming to that we allow this homeless man to camp out on a public sidewalk. The only great accomplishment is the removal of the Travis park statue that cost the city more than 300 thousand
    dollars. We will see a new mayor elected in June with or without your continued harassment of Gregg Brockhouse.

  13. “As of Friday evening, 65 people had signed the petition.”

    That’s it? Sure, report on progress in the case. But this is silly. 65 people signing a petition in a city of 1.5 million is like one drop of water in the Gulf of Mexico. Just stick to the facts, Rivard.

  14. “A group of women, of a new organization called Mētú – Women of Diversity Defeating Violence, intend to hold a news conference Monday and present a petition to draw attention to the allegations against Brockhouse. The group said they believe the evidence shows a ‘pattern of abusive behavior.’ As of Friday evening, 65 people had signed the petition.”

    Does Mētú fit a notability standard for reporting? 65 people sounds is a comparatively miniscule amount in a city the size of San Antonio. Groups for social causes are born and die within weeks in any given city, and I think many would question why Mētú merits four paragraphs.

  15. How many times does this issue need to be raised by the press? Sure seems like The RR is working hard to plant in the minds of voters there must be something there regarding allegations of Brockhouse domestic abuse. That’s politics, but if you think this will change voters minds, harken back to 2016. The President bragged about his sexual assaults and many Americans felt his character flaws were not enough from preventing them from voting for him. I suspect this issue associated with Brockhouse will not change many if any voters minds regarding who they are going to vote for.

    • Well, it should make a difference…. Anyone who has beat his wife(s), didn’t make child support payments for years & has a sketchy 10- year work history IS NOT FIT TO RUN FOR OFFICE to represent this city. Character and integrity are fundamental qualifications for any candidate. Brockhouse lacks both. He’s a loser and a thug. If he’ll lie about issues of character & integrity, he’ll have no problem lying about anything else including taxes, utilities, infrastructure, budget…etc. etc. etc.

  16. Brockhouse camp probably forged it.

    Don’t fall for it Mayor, you are about to be played. It’s likely fake. They’re going to blame it on you, and say you released it.

    Then, no more on this issue, ever.

  17. Even if the domestic violence is a false alegation (which I personally doubt) hid “deadbeat Dad” label for not paying child support is public information. Single Mom’s struggle and fight to survive in our current society. I DO NOT want a man that doesn’t take responsibility for his OWN children to be Mayor of my home town.
    Integrity?????? Such an important quality, and in my opinion this man has NONE, ZERO, NADA!!!

  18. Maybe I missed it?
    Where was this report found? Who released it?
    The article says it didn’t come from SAPD. Do we know if it’s authentic? I’m not suggesting Brookhouse is ‘innocent’ but maybe there’s some slimy politics going on here…

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