4 thoughts on “Rate Increase, Infrastructure Enhancement Proposed in SAWS Budget

  1. Water bill already too high 150 month is way too high. Penalizing us for using water in summer is awful and should be against the law. It would be just like someone buying steak in the store more than other people, should we charge them more…NO

    • First of all, SAWS doesn’t just charge more in the summer. They charge more throughout the whole year as your usage goes up, so if you insist on watering your lawn to keep it green during the hottest months of the year, then you will pay a premium for that.
      Second, water is a resource and a utility rather than a consumer product. We have a finite amount of water available to us here in San Antonio, so SAWS has a rate structure that encourages its customers to conserve water as much as possible. You make the choice to take 20 minute showers and run the dishwasher twice a day and water your lawn frequently. Want a lower bill? Use less water.

      • My bill is consistently $45 per month (three dogs and two person household), seems like Bert is using an excessive amount of water. I’ve lived many in many other cities that charge way more than SAWS – SAWS should have a much higher water usage rate given the scarcity of water in Texas.

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