Recording of Cameron Redus’ Fatal Shooting Released

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Cameron Redus looks out over a lake near Cerro Catedral. This was Cam's favorite picture that his brother, Everett, took of him. "When I write a travel book, I want this on the cover," Cam said. Photo by Everett Redus.

Cameron Redus looks out over a lake near Cerro Catedral. This was Cam's favorite picture that his brother, Everett, took of him. "When I write a travel book, I want this on the cover," Cam said. Photo by Everett Redus.

This story was originally published on Thursday, March 26.

A copy of the audio recording that captured the final moments of University of the Incarnate Word student Robert Cameron Redus, who was shot five times at close range by UIW police officer Christopher Carter during an off-campus traffic stop, has been released by the Alamo Heights Police Department to local news outlets (see transcript below).

Cameron Redus, 23, was fatally shot by a UIW campus police officer. Courtesy photo.

Courtesy / Redus Family

Cameron Redus, 23, was fatally shot by a UIW campus police officer. Courtesy photo.

Details from the recording of those early morning hours of Dec. 6, 2013 have been circulating, but this is the first time that the public has had access to the entirety of the recording.

The Express-News has posted an hour-long track on Soundcloud of the audio, captured through a microphone on Carter’s uniform. Warning: the recording contains graphic language. Click here to listen.

The Redus family has been requesting that the audio be publicly released for more than a year while the family’s lead attorney, Brent Perry, obtained and listened to a copy just a few weeks ago. A wrongful death civil suit brought by the family against Carter and UIW is still pending in state court, but a Bexar County grand jury issued a no bill, or a decision not to pursue criminal charges against Carter, on Tuesday.

Below is a transcript of the encounter provided by KENS 5 reporters Dillon Collier and Bailey McGowan. Expletives have been redacted.

Cameron Redus Shooting Audio

The transcript reveals that Redus, who according to the autopsy report was legally intoxicated, was at first compliant with Carter’s instructions, but then struggled with Carter several times before he was apparently choked by Carter. Redus was unarmed. Carter repeatedly told Redus to “stop resisting” and fired six shots. Redus was pronounced dead at the scene, the parking lot of his near-campus apartment.

UIW police officer Christopher Carter

Former UIW police officer Christopher Carter

Redus was 5’9″ tall and weighed 130 pounds, states the Redus family’s lawsuit, “Carter is reported to be over 6′ tall and weigh over 250 pounds.” Their difference in size and Redus’ intoxicated state, Perry has said, means Redus “did not present a significant threat” to Carter.

UIW released a statement through its attorneys Thursday evening that praised the decision to release the audio recording. “UIW hopes that the release of this recording will put to rest much of the misinformation disseminated by persons characterizing the recording,” states the release from lead attorney Laurence S. Kurth. “We are confident that any objective listener will conclude Cpl. Carter acted properly.”

Download UIW’s statement here.

The Rivard Report has submitted an open records request and will update this story as more information become available.


*Featured/top image: Cameron Redus looks out over a lake near Cerro Catedral in Argentina. Photo by Everett Redus.

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30 thoughts on “Recording of Cameron Redus’ Fatal Shooting Released

  1. What the actual f@@k? If a cop can’t keep his cool to disarm and arrest a skinny drunk kid without firing 6 shots into his body why is he even allowed on the force?

  2. The officer couldn’t have subdued him with his taser or pepper spray? Excessive force, I’d say. I hope they bankrupt him in civil court.

  3. The ONLY solution was to shoot this inebriated kid 6 times out of frustration for not being able to control the situation? It’s obvious this officer was not equipped to handle the pressures of this important position nor the authority/responsibility that accompanies it. Why didn’t he call for back up, mace him or use a taser to apprehend him if he wasn’t complying or resisting? Those problem solving and quick decision making skills are essential for this kind of job. They should be trained on if not inherent qualities. Shooting to kill should be the last resort and if it happens, the officer should be held accountable to the public for that action. Homicide is homicide regardless of who committed the act and he should be charged like anyone else so that his innocence can be legitimately proven if that’s the case.

  4. Well lets see if RR retracts some of the cop bashing its been writing. I am sure you will spin up some more crap. Keep it real Robert don’t call 911 if you ever need help. I am sure uber will come save you

    • We don’t need gun control; we need cop control. Cops like there are why we must insist on bearing arms. A government-sponsored killer is a menace. A government prosecutor who lets him get away with it is a tyrant.

  5. Terrible. Absolutely sickening and obviously the officer did not have the physical capabilities required for the position. I’m disgusted this officer is not being held accountable for so many reasons (i.e. Out of his jurisdiction, no call for backup, no made or tasers?!) . Absolutely despicable.

  6. Truly disturbing. The cop will get away with it. They always do. Their pensions, health care plans, overtime and other benefits are out of control and no one dares to speak up.

  7. Not sure how UIW can think that vindicates them at all. The only thing that comes through loud and clear in that transcript is fatal incompetence, sadly. What a tragedy.

  8. Very sad. Im trying to locate the initial response from UIW immediately following the incident, it’s not on the university site ( not surprised) Anyone know?

  9. I really don’t understand why UIW is supporting this, um…”officer”! Even with the recordings, there is still no clear story. All I know is this fat leo should have acted like a real cop. Then the kid would be alive.

  10. This ‘cop’ made so many ‘mistakes’ before he shot this young man dead! it makes no sense to me he is not being held accountable by UIW or the criminal court system. Shame on you UIW and San Antonio! Sooooo many mistakes!!!! Why UIW would hire him to begin with considering his past work history and then continue to support him baffles me. I can’t imagine the family of this student having to cope with this. So sad.

  11. Absolutely disgusting. And how UIW or the grand jury or anyone can say the “officer” acted properly, to someone unarmed, obviously mystified, and very shaken, is beyond imagination. Cameron said “you’re scaring me” – we should all be very scared about this complete lack of justice, responsibility, or appropriate follow-up.

  12. I am a graduate of the University of the Incarnate Word and am torn by what has transpired here. I’m torn because I love my school but President Lou Agnese and the UIW administration have done a thoroughly miserable job handling this situation and have failed both the Redus and UIW families in terms of healing and reconciliation. I’m a first generation college graduate who chose UIW because I was seeking a community whose ethos encompassed more than just the pursuit of knowledge. I still believe in UIW and know that this spirit still exists, but the school’s community of instructors and students has been sullied by the administration’s incomprehensively repugnant response.

    I’m torn because prior to listening to the recording I was convinced Officer Carter’s gross incompetence alone was cause for this all. I’ve listened to that recording though and it’s now clear that Cameron was in genuine fear of being raped and, 120 lb. weight difference notwithstanding, was probably trying to squirm his way out of Carter’s grip with every ounce of his life. I know I would have. I feel like after hearing Carter’s labored breathing immediately following the shooting that his weight worked against him in the face of Cameron’s relative agility. Things escalated very quickly and both men failed that night. In my opinion, they are equally culpable for what occurred.

    I’m torn because a bit of Rivard Report’s reportage has been based on Redus family attorney Brent Perry’s statements. I need a trusted source of evenhanded coverage outside of the mainstream media and I want to believe in the RR, but Perry is not an objective source. I plainly understand that everyone reporting on this case has been reporting from within a vacuum, that no one was certain whether the audio recording would ever see the light of day, but having listened to the recording I find myself questioning what I’ve read.

    I was especially torn reading Everett Redus’ piece about his journey to spread his brother’s ashes here on the Rivard Report. My first impression was that the piece just didn’t fit the environment. I wish his dispatches were on a separate personal blog because this one hits especially close to home and deserves its own space away from all the rest.

    I’m torn because I’ve done some crazy stuff while drunk but I’ve never used drunkenness as an excuse for my own mistakes. Cameron was a grown man, a world traveler who had seen corners of this world some of us dream about, he was certainly not naïve and he certainly made some very bad choices that night.

    For the both the Redus family and the UIW community this is a raw and open wound that none of us conceived possible. In this incident we are joined together as witnesses to the frailty of human behavior. I wish both sides, characterize that however you want, would come together and heal each other rather than take this to its bitter end.

  13. Carter never tells Redus why he is detaining him, searching him, or trying to restrain him. From previous reports, he didn’t actually pull Redus over, he flicked on the lights as he got into the parking lot after Redus parked. So it’s easy to see why Redus was incredulous when he found out that he was being arrested and threatened to be shot. If a cop stopped you as you were walking down the street, would you just let him detain, search, and restrain you without any explanation of what was going on? That’s the position that Redus was in. He absolutely could not understand why he was being threatened to be shot.
    Redus is dead because Carter did a poor job of communicating what was happening, and felt the only way that he could regain control of the situation was by using his gun. For those defending Carter, I have question. If you are incompetent at your job, is it acceptable to use a gun and take a life because of your incompetency? Because this DA and grand jury have found that if you are a LEO, it is.

  14. Like this is the first college kid or drunk kid to mouth off to a cop. Plain and simply this “officer” was ill-equipped to handle this situation much less responsible for safeguarding anyone.

  15. First…not a cop. Second…no real jurisdiction. Third…absolute negligence in the way it was handled. He could have easily just sat out in front of the house and waited for real police to handle it. This rent a cop got pissed and killed this kid. Everyone can see and hear that. For those that don’t know, these guys drive PICK UP TRUCKS WITH LIGHTS. Again I say, I live two blocks from this campus and if one of these jokers tried to pull me over they would be best served staying in their vehicle.

  16. Roger, you can’t comprehend that there are thousands of law enforcement departments. And it doesn’t matter even if they drive a Segway. If they are certified and sworn by the state or federal government then they are cops and can and will arrest you. Just like border patrol drives pick-up trucks with lights. Similarly, the FBI, NSA, and other government agencies drive a variety of vehicles and can make arrests in any state. I dare you tell them to stay in their car. I hope you test your theory out about staying in your vehicle. That is Police 101. You will come out through a broken window.

  17. “First…not a cop. Second…no real jurisdiction.” Roger, if he is is sworn in and certified by the state, he is a cop. Secondly, jurisdiction goes out the window when an officer sees something that poses an immediate danger to life and well-being to the suspect and/or innocents. Have you ever even taken a government class?

  18. MH………are you serious!!?? You really believe Redus thought he was going to be raped? Yeah…..because that happens so often. OMG. You folks are out on another planet.

  19. What’s so confounding about this case is that in any ordinary wrongful death case, the voters in the jurisdiction that hired the rogue cop can lobby the local government or agency to fire the cop and compensate the victim. If needed, mayors, police chiefs, and city council people can be recalled or not reelected.
    Through some vagary of Texas law, the “government” running the police department that employed Carter is the Catholic Church. No one gets to vote the Pope or the Archbishop of San Antonio out of office because they suck at running a police department, yet their cops carry real guns and inflicted some lethal violence on Cam Redus.
    As a Catholic myself, I can’t comprehend why the Archdiocese hasn’t immediately figured out that running a PD isn’t within the mission or competence of the Church, and is a huge liability that offends the American legal precedent of separation of church and state (power).
    To the Church, UIW and the Archdiocese: Disband your police department. Hire private security to patrol the campus just like you do in the other 49 states. If a situation can’t be resolved by security, then bring in real government cops who have better training and who are accountable to the whole community of voters.

  20. It’s obvious if you follow the transcript, the kid was complying with the officer, he was complying but the officer kept barking commands over and over again, he said you are scaring me, why would he say that? only because he was complying and the cop was planning to kill him but wanted audio to cover himself, why no body cam or dash cam, cop got away with murder, so he thinks. These grand jury’s are useless, blood is on their hands as well.

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