2 thoughts on “Reflection on the March: Why San Antonio Has One of the Biggest MLK Day Parades

  1. One of the reasons San Antonio integrated so smoothly was because long time Chief of Police, George W. Bichsel, reached out to the black community. He wanted no violence on his watch. When the rest of the country was rioting after Dr. Martin Luther King was assasinated, Chief Bichsel was in direct communication with all of the African American leaders in our city, reaching out and seeking their advise and counsel on how to go about desegregation in a systematic and peaceful manner. He personally knew all of them. I think this was because he grew up on the southeast side. He lived on Rigsby. He was my uncle by marriage. I distinctly recall during this time attending a James Brown concert with my Aunt and Uncle. I was a college student. We sat on the first row right in front of the stage. I was surprised when Mr. Brown acknowledged the Chief by name to the audience. He received applause. Everything else from that time on was, as they say, history.

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