Rendon Retrato: Davis Sprinkle

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Davis Sprinkle, architect. Photo by Al Rendon.

Davis Sprinkle, architect. Photo by Al Rendon.

One of the reasons I love living here and why there’s such great architecture is that we live in a very unique place. We become influenced by both high and low culture, as well as pop culture and the strange things that occur to us in this weird town of rich and poor. And I think it helps us as creative workers and as citizens of the community to be open to all of those things that make this such a crazy but wonderful place to live.

The game has changed completely in the last 10 years, a sequence of really interesting developments. I actually like how it’s still not as revved up as Austin, Houston or Dallas. I think it serves the city well to have a little slower pace. And, frankly, it’s slower because we are a poorer community. There are fewer people who can afford or want to live in an inner city downtown location. I love all the funky aspects of the city. We don’t have the pretentiousness that you see in the other Texas cities. There’s a lot more mixing going on, great mixes of classes that you don’t see elsewhere.

— Davis Sprinkle


Al Rendon is San Antonio’s photographer, born and raised here and known for iconic photographs of the city and its culture. Al is an active Southtown gallery owner as well as an art and commercial photographer. Check out more of his work at


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4 thoughts on “Rendon Retrato: Davis Sprinkle

  1. Love Al’s portrait capture. And really like Mr. Sprinkle’s capture of San Antonio.
    Our wonderful city is like no other. The geography, landscape, and weather make a slow pot in which is simmered a Caldo of cultures, ages, colors, faiths, tongues, strata that makes for a spicy supper. Like in every family there’s some secrete ingredients thrown in the pot that gives each family’s recipe it’s own unique flavor.
    Caldo de San Antonio.

  2. Our mix of classes mandates that we refresh inner San Antonio with a robust mix of housing types at all prices and good broad based retail. Davis has been focused on that scale for many years, and he has worked on a wide variety of mixed use projects.

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