7 thoughts on “SAFD Rescue Crew Frees Student from Robber Baron Cave

  1. This article does not address my biggest question. How exactly did she get stuck? Did she wander off on her own from the tour and the tour path?

  2. Robber Barron Cave is really cool and I went during their open house last year, but it was unlike any cave I’d been to — from the get go, it’s low and most everything involves sliding on your belly or crouching and there are often many options/routes. It’s completely mapped out but I personally avoided smaller tunnels and only tried one tight crawl through which I found hard as I had to twist my body through it. And it took me a long time to wiggle myself through. Everyone with the cave is super helpful and know their cave down there, but unfortunately once in awhile someone will get stuck. A friend told me she got stuck down there and had to get assistance to be freed, but luckily didn’t need a rescue crew.

  3. The robber baron cave is not in the city or neighborhood of Alamo Heights, it is at least a mile to the north of Alamo Heights in the city of San Antonio and the Northwood neighborhood. Probably worth correcting these erroneous items in your article.

  4. Your comment is grammatically incorrect and insensitive. I hope you’ll be mindful in your future posts of how others may perceive your comments.

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