9 thoughts on “Revised Brackenridge Park Master Plan to Heed Community Feedback

  1. Hmnmmmm…no mention in this article about the Grand Mess left behind every year after the Easter weekend campouts. The same phenomenon happened in Olmos Park last year. I happened to walk my dog in Olmos Park on the Monday “after” and was horrified by the mess left behind by my city-mates. Why do folks have such a hard time with the concept of “trash can”?
    When I was a student at Maverick Elementary School way back in another century, if any of us kids left a mess behind after an activity, then that activity wasn’t held again until we proved we could participate RESPONSIBLY.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah….the Easter campout is a “family” affair. Is teaching your kids it’s ok to leave a big mess behind (including dirty disposable diapers!) a family value?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Ten SA parks allowed camping last Easter. Can anyone report on the “day after” messes at Eisenhower Park, J Street Park, McAllister Park, Roosevelt Park, San Pedro Park, O.P. Schnabel Park, Woodlawn Lake, and both South Side Lions Parks.
    Or has the hideous “tradition” of trashing public parks not caught on fully yet????
    Brackenridge Park and the other public parks are NOT campgrounds.

  2. But where is the revised plan? The link goes to the March 2016 plan. Where is the updated plan on which the council is going to vote?

      • Would benefit readers to know that revised plan not yet available and provide info on whether/how/when revised plan will be sent out or posted etc

        • Thank you, mrk. I’ve added that detail at the top. As the article states, the new draft will be presented to City Council in February. Once that happens, I’ll make sure to ask for the revised plan so that readers can take a look.

  3. Time and time again I have discussed with Councilmen running for office about the need to restore the paddle boats to Brackenridge Park. I have discussed this with Director Urrutia and his comments dealth with funding. All the people I have talked to about this were in agreement with me and “How they were going to fight for it.” I remember as a kid we would come to the park from Galveston and first stop was the Paddleboats and Zoo. As an family man I brought my kids here to ride them. Now that I moved here they are gone. Many people have been here from other places and when you talked to them they had wonderful memories of the Park, Zoo and Paddleboats. These were people drawers. Tourist come here for something to do. Can we work on the restoration please.

    • Urge everyone with an interest in Brack to join the Brack Park Conservancy and become an active supporter of the park. Lots of great initiatives underway but need people and ideas to bring to life.

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