9 thoughts on “The Rivard Report Board: Experience, Commitment, and Vision

  1. What terrific selections, Bob! They will serve you (& our community) well. I’ve known Lew Moorman my whole life and watched Dick in action with Texas BioMed. I’ve known Katy for some time as well and mainly known of Chico by reputation and through common acquaintances. I look forward to seeing how your board will help you take the Rivard Report into its next excellent chapter.

  2. Bob, congratulations. I am impressed with the success of the RR and also with the board you have assembled. I admire your perseverance and incredible hard work and commitment to the RR.

  3. Congrats. I’ve been following your journey since the start. Over the last 16 months, I have been away from San Antonio, living in Israel, and The Rivard Report was a way for me to keep up with not so much the “news,” but the heart and soul of what’s going on in the evolution of our city.

    I am returning in March for a while, and look forward to coming home. Be it down the street or far away, Rivard Report is the real pulse of San Antonio.

    – Alan Weinkrantz

  4. Your board, staff and approach to telling our city’s story is unfathomably wonderful! A real confluence of your curiosity and career, and the city is better off for it. Where can we all donate to the non-profit?

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