5 thoughts on “Rivard Report Presents Program for Inaugural San Antonio CityFest

  1. I guess the Tricentenial Commission had some money left over to spend? This event would have been much more effective for the citizens of San Antonio if it was for free instead of making it just another event where public and private organizations purchase tickets and make their managers and executives attend the event. I am about to read The Rivard Report on poverty. How many of those in poverty will be able to hear presenters at Cityfest?

    • Hi, Ken!

      As the story states, all of Friday’s CityFest programming will be free of charge. All that is required is an RSVP.

  2. The event looks great and is needed, but aside from a few moderators is there anyone under 30 on the panels? Under 40? If the goal is to talk about the future of the city it might be useful to have citizens who will actually live in San Antonio’s future.

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