4 thoughts on “River Walk Hotel Gets Final Approval, Solo Serve Will be Demolished

  1. The architecture of the Woodbine proposal was much more interesting and true to the time. San Antonio doesn’t need any more faux Spanish tile roofed stucco boxes.

    • I thought the same thing, Brandon. There’s nothing special about this building, and the fact that it’s going where the Veramendi Palace once stood is a real shame.

  2. So the former location of the Veramendi Palace (home of the Spanish Vice Governor and residence of Alamo hero Jim Bowie) will now be another overpriced hotel? The Palace had been demolished to widen Soledad Street by an ever progressive San Antonio. Now, the City is apparently at it again.

  3. I totally agree with Ned Huthmacher. In spite of my understanding the (very short-sighted) municipal need to make big money off of this site, this rather nicely designed structure will indeed be contributing to the extreme sameness of the modern urban landscape and helping to eliminate the internationally renowned uniqueness of San Antonio, Texas. That it further eliminates a grand opportunity to commemorate the Veramendi Palace with its unique history and cultural background is just as criminal as the early 20th. century demolition of the original structure to… widen the street. San Antonio has an opportunity to “think outside the box” and contribute to its tradition of preserving its heritage. Can we go there, please?

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