4 thoughts on “SA Tomorrow: It’s Your Turn to Plan San Antonio’s Future

  1. I’d be fine never hearing the name Ivy Taylor again. She’s done so little for this city.

  2. Having looked at the stakeholder groups involved, I find it very interesting that (i)“Community/Civil Society” is not considered a stakeholder group and that the usual suspects, i.e., real estate/development interests, are disproportionately represented and that (ii) “comprehensive” planning is to be achieved by fragmenting the process into some 12 or 13 different silos. To quote Albert Einstein, the very definition of “insanity” is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

  3. There is very promising language from Mayor Taylor, Councilman Nirenberg and Mr. Bellamy suggesting an emphasis to develop a more compact and connected city. However, I believe the focus on relieving congestion is counterproductive. Although Mayor Taylor recently noted that relieving congestion should include more than just new road capacity, the standard solution tends to be all about increasing mobility. Increased mobility almost universally equates to more highways and degraded pedestrian and cycling mobility. I would prefer to see language that prioritizes reducing the need for travel, making for a better pedestrian environment.

    John Dugan presented an update at the last Infrastructure & Growth Committee meeting that included a fiscal impact analysis of various growth scenarios. Not surprisingly, the low density single-use development that dominates San Antonio development today had the least fiscal value, while dense development focused in urban activity centers had the greatest value. Compact, mixed-use development not only had the greatest fiscal value, it also places live, work, and commercial destinations close enough together that cycling and walking could be the first transportation choice. As a result, it reduces the need for transportation, so the whole mobility requirement becomes irrelevant.

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