SAISD Board Extends Superintendent Pedro Martinez’s Contract To 2024

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SAISD Superintendent Pedro Martinez speaks about SAISD's 2018 accountability ratings.

Bonnie Arbittier / Rivard Report

San Antonio Independent School District trustees voted in favor of a two-year contract extension for Superintendent Pedro Martinez

As a school year rife with debate over in-district charter partnerships and outside management organizations winds to a close, San Antonio Independent School District trustees voted unanimously Monday to extend Superintendent Pedro Martinez’s contract through the end of the 2023-2024 school year.

Martinez’s current contract was to expire Aug. 31, 2022.

In the last two decades, SAISD has been led by six different superintendents, trustee James Howard noted at the beginning of Monday’s meeting. If Martinez, who was was hired in 2015, stays through his contract, he would be among the longest-serving superintendents in Bexar County in recent history.

While it has often been noted that urban school superintendents tend to serve about three years, a May 2018 Broad Center report states that superintendents stay in these districts longer than initially thought: closer to six years.

At the conclusion of the 2018-19 school year, Martinez will have spent four years leading SAISD. The 2017-2022 contract stipulated Martinez would be paid $285,600.20. More recent data from TEA lists Martinez’s salary as $289,311, making the SAISD leader the third-highest paid school chief in the region.

Throughout the May school board election, Martinez was a frequent debating point. Incumbents Patti Radle and Christina Martinez stated their support for the superintendent, while challengers often expressed concerns over Martinez’s leadership.

“It is a statement of our confidence in Pedro – his leadership, his ability to bring other outstanding leadership to the District and to let them lead,” Radle said via text mesage following the vote.

Shelley Potter, president of the San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel, characterized the extension as showing that the school board is out of touch with voters in the most recent May election.

“The contract extension does not align with the fact that 66 percent of the people who just voted in the school board election voted for a candidate not aligned with the superintendent,” Potter said in a text, referring to the percent of voters districtwide who cast ballots for candidates who did not align themselves with Martinez.

Potter described the evaluation of Martinez that preceded the vote to extend his contract as “perfunctory” because the board “never disagree[s] with” the superintendent.

7 thoughts on “SAISD Board Extends Superintendent Pedro Martinez’s Contract To 2024

  1. This is just wrong. He don’t care about our school. This schools are yours and mine not his. Keep Mrs. Perry and get rid of everyone else.

  2. The Superintendent is doing the most important job in the city, If he and the board can’t be allowed to turn SAISD around, our city will rot from the inside, out.

  3. Our SAISD board is not addressing the most pressing issues our city faces: poorly educated and poorly prepared students will not likely be productive citizens. The board’s emphasis on technology is fine although woefully inadequate. But, our students cannot read, write or do math on level. They are taught in an institutional manner to pass the state test, but, even with the lowered passing grade, they still do not meet the mark. Poor discipline is the norm and most elementary principals are out of sight rather than showing leadership on a daily basis.
    Yet SAISD is able to operate a few schools (YWLA is a shinning example) where students work hard, behave, are involved, are curious, develop skills, etc. The district shows they can do this—-why not for all our students?

    • YWLA is thriving, yes because any institution that selects their cream de la cream students is always destined to succeed. Any results yet on the YMLA? That school has stayed under the radar. However, I am glad to see some dysfunctional schools shut down. It is about time. When is Sam Houston HS and Lanier HS going to be closed? Next steps, get rid of unnecessary administrative staff, thin out HR department, thin out the “dumping ground “ For unsuitable administration.

  4. It is clear that the SAISD Board has little if any regard for either teachers or the public.
    Martinez has done nothing in four years as superintendent other than alienate the teachers and parents!

  5. Congratulations Pedro! Well done, sir. You will be vindicated when the district earns a report card grade of a B or higher. You have garnered respect and results. The nation is watching your leadership with great interest…

    True leadership sometimes means doing what is unpopular despite the vociferous status quo.

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