6 thoughts on “SAISD To Sell Properties, Construct New Central Office

  1. There’s a potential loss of a historic landmark in the sale of the Fox Tech football field. I hope San Antonio will take efforts to commemorate the 67 year ‘Chili Bowl’ tradition – including by possibly designating some of the grounds to mark this important local history.

    See: http://www.mysanantonio.com/sports/high_school/high_school_football/article/Fox-Tech-vs-Lanier-Adios-Chili-Bowl-847578.php

    Regardless, the new SAISD central offices (on the softball field near Camaron & Martin?) and neighboring properties deserve much better public transport and street design than the site is currently provided – particularly along Martin Street.

    See: https://www.google.com/maps/place/W+Martin+St+%26+Camaron+St,+San+Antonio,+TX+78207/@29.4298612,-98.4949045,274m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x865c5f4dece6b73b:0x630325b9e5840893

    No VIA buses or trolleys run between this area of downtown and VIA Centro Plaza at the moment (although routes 3 and 25 run somewhat close?). VIA connections are slightly stronger with Camaron & Martin from VIA’s Five Points transfer center, but waiting conditions at VIA’s Five Points are absurdly bad and with no clear timeline for improvements.

    Downtown employers like SAISD could benefit greatly from better bus connections between Centro Plaza and Five Points as well as the rapid improvement of waiting and sidewalk conditions at Five Points – which this year is part of a REnewSA target area.

    See: https://www.sanantonio.gov/Portals/0/Files/GMA/Guidance/REnewSA-MAPS.pdf

    Related, Martin Street from Medina to N. St Mary’s is a prime candidate for some degree of a ‘complete streets’ makeover – anticipating the new SAISD central offices as well as eventual San Pedro Creek downtown work to be completed by 2018.

    On Martin Street from Medina there’s ample space for bike lanes as well as sidewalk widening in some stretches to help improve connections with Centro Plaza as well as with Five Points. B-cycle at Centro Plaza, Five Points transfer center, on N. Flores and near Martin and Camaron would help, too – projects that (along with basic street maintenance and improved waiting at Five Points) could be completed in 2016.

  2. Does this further reduction of space for the high school’s uses mean that they will eventually close FoxTech?

    Although the field is not being used, if we want to grow our downtown schools and SAISD’s goals are to underscore their importance to inner city growth, isn’t enhancing the Tech campus and not limiting its land for future growth a better way to offer a downtown high school that attracts families to the urban core? Providing more easily accessible and centralized admin services is necessary but I worry about the use of the Fox Tech property in limiting the school’s future growth. I hope that SAISD and the City’s Economic Development and Center City offices are aligning their processes for inner city growth and stability because this move on Fox Tech and the closing of Austin Academy don’t seem to fit into the downtown growth story…

    • Kind of related, I’m somewhat concerned about the loss of publicly accessible sporting space downtown. I notice quite a bit of walking and running by the public on SAISD tracks including at Fox Tex – that San Pedro creek pedestrian trail work won’t necessarily match.

      Maybe it will mean greater public access to the track at Central Catholic (with pedestrian improvements and access from Camden and Dallas). As well as a more circular track or trail incorporated into the office site design.

      For softball / baseball, it might mean better access from downtown to the fields at San Pedro Park (which urban trail work north of the planned downtown San Pedro Creek segment could provide).

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