15 thoughts on “San Antonio Contractor Vows To Build New Sutherland Springs Church

  1. Please save the well that is on site. It itself has a lot of history. My mom used to sit on it as a child. I used to also when I was a child.

  2. Every hour, more members of the Associated General Contractors are joining Brad in this great effort. His leadership on this is deeply appreciated and will truly make a big difference.

  3. Thank you from all of us in Wilson County. It’s continues to amaze me about the generosity of our community. God bless you.

  4. An excellent plan. The community needed this. A brand new church and a memorial park where the church now stands. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for this. I’m not only donating toward the rebuilding, but will also be praying into the whole project, that the Lord will imprint Himself into the very structures, and bring “beauty for ashes” in this community, that it will rise even higher than it ever could otherwise. May the Lord guide all involved in the process.

  6. I’m also an interior decorator and
    would be more than happy to donate my time helping !!
    Alita Apicella And myself live in the same community in Fairoaks Ranch and we r friends. I’m sure we would work well together and make a great team! Pm me if interested.

  7. What an extraordinary show of compassion and generosity to the little community of Sutherland Springs, Brad Beldon! The incident that occurred last week is truly horrific and heartbreaking. We must all do our part to assist the victims affected by this terrible event, and you are leading the way. Thank you!! We must also work with our legislators to implement policies and restrictions to ensure that this never happens to any community again.

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