4 thoughts on “As Election Nears, City Launches SA Tomorrow Plan

  1. SATomorrow has great potential, its purpose is on target, but I fear for its failure. SATomorrow is a concept that should be a staple of any community. Already, the creation has omitted the community, and was crafted in the hands of a few. Just as an organization’s mission statement should be crafted with input from all stakeholders, so this program should have included the community.
    So let’s take what we have, give life to it, and allow it to be the vision all share. But to do so, the program must gain the active participation all pockets of our community. Apathy is a difficult obstacle to overcome, but we must not surrender.
    Seeing the potential of SATomorrow invigorates me more to be elected to Council District 9 to ensure the programs success. As a school teacher, I never give up on a single student, and as A Councilman, I will never give up on our community.
    My post is not to use this as a campaign outreach, rather to raise the red flag that this must be a community driven program to be successful. At this time, I see only the voices of the few, and no voices from among the community in its formulation.
    All the best to SATomorrow–we need it’s success, and more than ever, we need it now!

  2. Thanks for a great write-up!

    From the article:

    “The purpose of the kickoff event was to educate and engage community members on the future of San Antonio… Dugan said the kickoff also was an opportunity to collect information about people’s values. ”

    Sounds like community engagement and involvement to me. The kick-off was the starting point of the public engagement process, with workshops, community meetings, and technical groups meeting over the next several months to gather feedback and input regarding how San Antonians want their city to look with 1 million extra people.

  3. A benefit that San Antonio has is free housing that is being passed to the next generation . We need to focus on this segment. There are tens of thousands of people in this city that have zero rent or mortgage to pay. This means that they have the opportunity for advanced education in the STEM fields. Education in these fields is the only way San Antonio can become a high tech city rather then a blue collar city. The practically free housing that so many residents have is an untapped resource that I believe is not fully recognized. Education should not only be for those high school graduates, but also for late 20-30-40 year olds or anyone in later years who would like to return to school. If we look around the country, housing is an expensive portion of income that must be taken into consideration when one tries to advance their education. In San Antonio this is free. This is an untapped resource that must be front and center in our pursuit for turning the city into a 21st century competitor.

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