9 thoughts on “Which River Barge Would You Like To Ride In?

  1. Subtle changes in my opinion. Were they going on the same frames/bases as the old ones? I don’t like the canopy, the only ways to view scenery on the barges are by looking across, and looking up, when you take out the up, you’re limiting an interesting view.

  2. MetaLab’s is my favorite. And I disagree about upkeep costs. All these will need is paint every year, no different than any other vessel.

  3. All three are disappointing.
    Having lighted boats that look like the downtown gaudy horse carriages is not at all nice on the museum reach, where the river has natural lighting.
    The transparent canopy defeats the purpose of a canopy which is to shade from the sun. The old way of handing out parasols is better.

  4. I like the Taco Cabana barge. Water-cut metals have made these stencil patterns easy on metal, even heavy metal for their ramp.

    The organizers should have made the fixed canopy decision (I’m assuming the didn’t from the pictures). That decision influenced the design so much. Too much of the vote came down to the group that made the “no canopy” decision….which is not a design…but a value judgement.

    The only way to do a practical canopy would be to do a roll-up to a cylinder down the center….or retractable. You just have to be able to retract the canopy in good weather. It would certainly increased maintenance costs….but so what. It should only cover the center seats. Anything large enough to be an umbrella for the whole boat would get too beat up.

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