San Antonio Storybook: Chapter 2 – Confluence Theatre

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TheJohn H. Wood, Jr. Federal Courthouse located at Hemisfair in downtown San Antonio.

Courtesy / Brantley Hightower

The John H. Wood Jr. Federal Courthouse at Hemisfair in downtown San Antonio opened during the 1968 world's fair as the Confluence Theatre.

A large group of politicians recently descended on an empty lot in downtown San Antonio to break ground on a new federal courthouse. Of course, San Antonio already has a federal courthouse. In this chapter of the San Antonio Storybook we’ll find out the history of this building and the important part it played in the history of San Antonio.

4 thoughts on “San Antonio Storybook: Chapter 2 – Confluence Theatre

  1. I wish I could say that was an April Fools Day Easter Egg that we planted in the episode for our astute readers to discover, but that wouldn’t be accurate. You’re right, though, Mr. Gonzales was a lot of things over the course of his career but he was never mayor of San Antonio and I apologize for the error. The episode has been edited to fix that mistake and is being uploaded as we speak…

  2. Good job, Brantley!
    I worked as a bi-lingual Official Hostess for HemisFair’68 and this article brought back good memories. Hearing a few lines from the “Us” film helped.
    Bring us more!

    Robin Raquet

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