San Antonio Storybook: Chapter 4 – The Kiddie Park

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The Kiddie Park on Broadway has been in business since 1925.

Brantley Hightower for the Rivard Report

The Kiddie Park on Broadway has been in business since 1925.

Earlier this year a local children’s amusement park announced it would be relocating to the San Antonio Zoo. The Kiddie Park has been the site of countless happy birthday parties and childhood memories. Many stories could be told about the Kiddie Park, and we’re going to tell one of them in this chapter of the San Antonio Storybook.

4 thoughts on “San Antonio Storybook: Chapter 4 – The Kiddie Park

  1. Thanks, Brantley. In the 1940s I had the same experience as your five-year old. In later years I took my own children and their children as often as they would go with me.

  2. My mom and dad took us to Kiddie Park in the late 1950′ s and early 60’s. I took my children as well. And now my grandsons.
    It’s a simple amusement park rich in history and geared for small children. I think that’s what makes the Kiddie Park such a great place.

  3. This was a lovely podcast, Brantley. Back in the mid to late 1970’s, my friends Bob and Sandy Aston owned the Kiddie Park. My young son and I lived on Eleanor Street, and I was a secretary at Ft Sam Houston during the day. As a single mom without child support, I created “Karen the Klown” to earn extra money. I primarily worked children’s birthday parties, and my gig at parties was face painting. I worked parties at the Kiddie Park and other locations. Be b handled my bookings for me. My son, at five, earned his first pay check cleaning tables for Bob. In addition to his $.50 an hour salary, he got all the free rides he wanted! It was a magical place and time, and everyone was happy and friendly there. Thank you so much for this waltz down memory lane.

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