5 thoughts on “San Antonio Threads Give Clothes, Confidence to Foster Kids

  1. I tried messaging on instagram,but have yet to be contacted. We have 3 foster kids. 13 year old boy,14 year old girl,and a 17 year old girl. Do we have to sign up or bring paperwork? Please help!

  2. I would like to know how to donate ladies’ gently used clothes to Threads.
    I am looking for a place that will give them to girls in need and not sell them.

  3. I am currently working through my church to get involved. Currently I have some adult clothing but will work with you during prom season to get dresses, costume jewelry, nice shoes, etc. I read about your prom dress event in the local paper and was amazed at what you do. I am speaking to our church outreach person this week and will let you know what I need to do. Just discussing my plans with several church members I had 4 prom dresses available if needed. My heart swelled. I have left my email information. Thanks for your big heart and the Lord will continue blessing you. geri cortinas

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