19 thoughts on “NWF Names San Antonio First Monarch Butterfly Champion City

  1. Bravo! I’d be delighted to volunteer to help with new pollinator gardens. As a Master Naturalist, this is just the kind of civic challenge we can help succeed. thanks, Monica.

  2. Proud of our mayor and proud of our city? Apply critical thinking and common sense. The city’s support of irresponsible and rapid development is the SINGLE cause for loss of habitat for the Monarch Butterfly in this area. While the actions noted in the report are important, be very aware that they do not stem from city actions and may very well not be able to fulfill their mission unless the city (and the major) are held accountable for the environmental stress that continues to make pavement out of land, plant,s and trees. After all, the butterflies need something to land on besides a grill on moving vehicle.

    • Lots of assumptions and leaps in your reasoning. To attribute all habitat loss to one single cause is myopic and confused. Also, the decades of development in SA cannot be laid solely at the feet of the current mayor and council, even if they have contributed to it with their votes.

      I don’t think anyone who reads this assumes that the new NWF designation will fix the monarchs’ situation. This is a starting place for this conversation for many people, including city leaders.

  3. Congratulations ! As the most influential state for the monarch butterflies population and migration, having San Antonio and Austin mayors take the pledge demonstrates the Texas commitment to pollinators. With a small amount of effort I’m sure Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth mayors will be next. , Let’s go, we need every town in Texas to make the commitment until the monarch population is in the billions.

  4. Fantastic news, Mayor Taylor! Thank you! Our city is working hard to support the monarchs and other urban pollinators. Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas is currently working with six community gardens who received small grants from the Native Plant Society of Texas and Monarch Watch to establish monarch waystations in San Antonio. Two of those gardens (Beacon Hill and Alamo Heights) and two others (Pittman-Sullivan and Olmos Park Terrace) are also Official Texas Wildscapes certified by the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife. In addition to those six gardens which received grant funding, Green Spaces has funded and is working with another six community gardens to prepare them for certification as Monarch Waystations and/or Texas Wildscapes.

  5. Two years ago, my wife, Ann and I launched SaveOurMonarchs Foundation, solely dedicated to saving the Monarch Butterfly by distributing  milkweed seeds for their survival.

    Anyone can get Free Milkweed Seed Packets at SaveOurMonarchs.org. For Christmas you can get 50 Seed Packets for each $19 donation.

    Ward Johnson

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