8 thoughts on “San Pedro Springs Flowing Again

  1. Thanks Don. Here are a few more things about the Park. Keeping the Park in good shape is a constant challenge. Hector Cardenas and the Friends of San Pedro Park have worked for many years to help keep it in good shape and to help get the funding necessary to make it better. Diego Bernal worked to get the Park the new amenities under construction now. Roberto Trevino picked up where Diego left off and will further efforts to protect and enhance this local treasure. Rick Grimm, one time librarian at the branch library there (the first branch library in San Antonio by the way) self published a booklet on San Pedro Springs Park that goes all the way back to the Native American residents in the area and takes it up to the 1990s. I think Cornelia Crook wrote a book on the Park and the Springs earlier as well. These sources tell readers a lot about this place…the origin of the first community that became modern San Antonio. Today, when the water flows from the Springs, it forms the beginning of the San Pedro Creek, flows from the Park through the VIA property, under the Five Points intersection, skirts the Five Points neighborhood and goes under the expressway, and into the tunnel under the dry San Pedro Creek you see downtown. That means the clear water from the Springs ends up in the tunnel 150 feet below downtown! You do not see the water! The community needs to get together and work on a new project…after we finish the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project currently underway…to connect the Park and the springs so we will have a complete creek and linear parkway from the Springs all the way to the confluence of the creek and the San Antonio River at Concepcion Park!

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