2 thoughts on “SAWS Board Approves Rate Increase, 2018 Budget

  1. What were the actual rates? Were they what SAWS appeared to brief the public, or were they actually higher? Answer: they were higher. SAWS put 3.2% on a slide to undersell the impact. Reality is 9.7% for water delivery.

    San Antonio’s “rates” are comparatively low, but its FEES are the highest in Texas. The combination of low rates but high fixed fees means San Antonio has higher actual water bills for 58% of its customers than comparison cities.

    The problem is that SAWS uses a single metric – one user at 7,092 gallons to claim “lower bills.” Ask SAWS how bills compare at 0, 3000, and 6000 gallons. Ask SAWS where the bulk of its users are.

    Your meter connection – a fixed fee – went up 69% since 2015: from $7.57 to $12.77. 69% increase from what was already the highest in the 2015 Water Policy report. Look it up.

    Circle of Blue, a water trade association, reported that in 2016 San Antonio had the highest water usage and the highest water bills of the major Texas cities surveyed. Higher than Houston, Ft. Worth and even higher than – gasp – Austin! These are water bills, not water rates. Look it up.

    And Mayor Ron, for the record, SAWS is going to hit ratepayers with a 49% rate increase for Water Supply in 2020. Do the math, look it up.

  2. Also – why does the media persist in repeating SAWS erroneous statement about the “bill” being $65.69?

    It’s not. If you were a (fictional) average user with the least impervious cover, your “bill” – the check you write, the blue numbers in the box on your actual bill, would be $70.43. Use SAWS rate calculator. 7,092 and 5,668, 5/8″ connection – look it up.

    $65.69 is only SAWS part of the bill, plus EAA and TCEQ fees. It’s not “just” SAWS part, but it’s also not the total. Look it up. It’s on SAWS facebook page, they say that’s not the “real” bill.

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