4 thoughts on “SAWS Board Briefed on Rate Increase, Meter Readers, Water Report

  1. People need to wake up. That almost 16% rise in rates is for using 7000 gallons of water per month. That’s almost assuredly using the bottom rungs in the new tier structure they’re proposing to make it look more palatable. You can bet if you are a large family and/or someone who occasionally tries to keep their yard alive, you’ll be paying way higher then 16% more as you’ll use more then 7000 gallons and you’ll be subjected to the “punishment” tiers where the rates are double and/or triple.

  2. Not staff, but leadership should be affected by the billing issue. Who was responsible for the procurement, installation, and testing of those new meters? Obviously a failed implementation. Additionally, customers should not be inconvenienced to correct their erroneous bills when the problem was created by SAWS. Most businesses provide some form of compensation for disgruntled customers.

    Regarding controversial projects like Vista Ridge, the city should create a museum that documents important decisions made by city entities, council, and mayor. People in high places like to see their names on buildings/projects(names of officers, councilmembers, and mayor who voted for and against the project) . That way if the project succeeds or fails, future generations will have a convenient place to view who was responsible for the success or failure without having to “google” the information. Decision makers who voted for or against the project whose careers are now over can visit their legacy with their grandchildren.

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